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Neon Doctrine Announces Two Games During 2023 Tokyo Game Show

Neon Doctrine revealed two new games during the 2023 Tokyo Game Show with My Lovely Empress and Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi.

Indie game publisher Neon Doctrine revealed two new games during the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, as we learned more about My Lovely Empress and Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi. Both games were revealed during the Xbox Digital Broadcast that was held before the event, essentially as a "Hello! Here's our games" kind of moment. You can read more about them and check out the trailers below.

Neon Doctrine Announces Two Games During 2023 Tokyo Game Show
Credit: Neon Doctrine

Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi

"Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi sets you off on an adventure in the dangerous world of Atarassia as Lili, a young girl devastated by her mother's death at the hands of the mysterious, corrupting Void. As she reluctantly embraces her Guardian powers, her new-found destiny sees her form an alliance with the courageous Monk-in-training, Sadi. Together, the two will venture into the uncharted land of Atarassia, where they'll need to combine their wits, wills, arms, and magic to complete complex mechanical puzzles, explore winding dungeons, and battle giant monsters. In their bid to finally avenge their families, they must assume the heroic roles of Guardian and Monk and defeat the malevolent god, the Void."

  • The Power of Friendship!: Lili and Sadi will restore the ancient partnership between Guardians and Monks, finding that their journey through Atarassia is better together than alone.
  • Dungeon Diving: Explore Zelda-inspired dungeons made up of beautiful temples and shrines in an effort to befriend the spirits that live within them.
  • Mix Magic and Martial Arts: Combine the Guardian's martial arts with the Monk's magical abilities to take on enemies that can't be defeated alone.

Neon Doctrine Announces Two Games During 2023 Tokyo Game Show
Credit: Neon Doctrine

My Lovely Empress

"Balance the affairs of an entire nation with affairs of the heart in My Lovely Empress. Take on the role of Emperor Hong, ruler of the Crimson Empire, and summon the powerful yet forbidden Yaoguai entities to aid your imperial duties. You'll empower your supernatural allies and build your nation to prosperity with the servitude of the Yaoguai — each one with unique abilities to support you in resolving tough imperial challenges, enforcing your will on society, and improving the welfare of your citizens.  However, as you take your nation to greatness by managing the needs of your people and with savvy diplomatic dealings with other rulers, you're given a choice: will you be satisfied with what you've built and the new relationship(s) you've forged, or will you abuse the Yaoguai's power to resurrect your beloved empress? Set to a majestic soundtrack and including a mesmerizing Asian ink-brush art style that combines 2D and 3D visuals, My Lovely Empress takes the series to a whole new level, casting you into a conquest of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of power."
  • Your Kingdom, Your Choices, Your Story: In this unique mix of resource management, mythology, and empire simulation gameplay, you'll make decisions that directly impact the story.
  • Majestic and Mythological: Inspired by East and Southeast Asian mythology, including a  mesmerizing ink-brush art style, soundtrack, and gameplay mechanics.
  • My Little Yaoguai: Develop relationships with your Yaoguai in true creature-collecting fashion, empowering them to become powerful allies or sacrificial lambs to complete a resurrection spell.
  • Put Your Diplomatic Hat On: Work with other rulers to see your nations prosper, or take an entirely different path as you grow alongside them.

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