NetherRealm Studios Adds A New 'Injustice 2' Update Before Raiden Is Added

Before Raiden and Black Lightning are added to the Injustice 2 roster, NetherRealm Studios took the time to implement one of their bigger updates on the game to smooth over some rough spots and make all of their characters play a little better than before. Below is the complete list of what they've added or removed in the 1.09 patch, as we patiently await the Thunder God and Jefferson Pierce to make their appearance in October.

General Gameplay fixes

  • General stability and Online stability improvements
  • Move list corrections and improvements to AI logic
  • Increased the Base Stats on Legendary items
  • Legendary Multiverse Portals are now available for Black Adam, Brainiac, Catwoman, Deadshot, Flash, Scarecrow, and Supergirl
  • Reduced the 'minutes played with' requirements in Legendary Multiverse Events from 3000 & 7000 to 1000 & 3000 respectively*
  • The 'sacrifice gear' requirements in Legendary Multiverse Events now uses Rare or Epic items*
  • Fixes and Tweaks to some Character Tutorials
  • When you are hit during the recovery frames of a move or an attack the gameplay message will display 'Punish' instead of 'Counter' where applicable
  • Added dynamic shadows to some character items which were missing them
  • Adjusted the hit region of bomb type Environment Interactions
  • Fixed rare bug that could some attacks to have abnormal recovery when hitting Flash while he has Speed Zone character power active with specific timing

Stage Specific Fixes

  • Arkham Asylum – Fixed a bug which allowed the bus door interaction to sometimes be swung towards in the wrong direction
  • Atlantis – Fix a rare bug when using the console slam interaction which could result in the opponent being out of the environment boundaries
  • Metropolis – Fixed a bug that could allow movement outside of the environment boundaries after using electronic sign interaction under certain circumstances
  • Red Sun Prison – Fixed an issue with gadget and power characters being able to use a console interaction at the same time causing a misaligned hit region
  • Red Sun Prison – The cooldown on laser interaction will no longer sometimes immediately reset when interrupted
  • Red Sun Prison – Fixed a visual bug causing the laser interaction's effects to become misaligned when repeatedly interrupted
  • Red Sun Prison – Superman will now still be in the background prison if Bizarro Premier skin is used

Character Specific Fixes

  • Aquaman – Fixed a bug that could cause his trident to briefly appear in the wrong hand after missing with a some Environment Interactions
  • Bane – Legendary Straight Damage Augment now causes damage that scales based on total health. The amount is now 5% for Venom level 1, 12% for Venom level 2, and 25% for Venom level 3
  • Black Manta – Fixes to Character Tutorial*
  • Black Manta – Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items to roll higher than intended*
  • Blue Beetle – Fixed a bug allowing Legendary Character Power meter to sometimes keep recharging when not intended
  • Captain Cold – Fixed a rare bug that allowed characters dying from Frozen Tips damage under certain circumstances to leave arena boundaries
  • Darkseid – Fixed a bug that could cause Explosive Parademon to spawn in the foreground in rare circumstances
  • Dr Fate – Fixed visual effects following Dr. Fate if he is punished by a cross-up after missing with his Supermove
  • Deadshot – Fix a bug which could result in a lingering empty clip from his end of round win animation
  • Firestorm – Fixed an issue with the hit region on Heat Wave (Away + Hard) against some crouching characters
  • Red Hood – Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items to roll higher than intended*
  • Supergirl – Fixed a bug causing canceling into Air Lasers and buffering down or back to cost double Character Power meter when input with a specific timing
  • Superman – (Away + Light) and (Towards + Medium, Down + Light) are no longer throw immune for part of their recovery frames
  • Superman – Super Breath no longer becomes throw immune when Meter Burned
  • Superman – Intro Cinematics will now play correctly when the full "House El" Epic Gear Set was worn along with the Bizarro Premier Skin
  • Starfire – Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items to roll higher than intended*
  • Sub-Zero – Fixed a bug which was causing the stat scaling on a few Rare quality items to roll higher than intended*
  • Swamp Thing – Fix to some lingering visual effects when (Away + Hard) and Bio-Fission MeterBurn are interrupted
  • Swamp Thing – Abigail's Garden visual effects will now work correctly against Starfire
  • Swamp Thing – Fixed bug causing Harley Quinn to face the wrong way when losing a round to Abigail's Garden damage while performing Tantrum Stance

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