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Gotham Knights Highlights Red Hood In New Character Trailer
WB Games has released its fourth and final Gotham Knights character trailer for the Bat Family as we get a better look at the Red Hood This time around, we're getting a better look at Jason Todd, another former Robin who they have chosen the version of the character that was resurrected from the dead[...]
Back 4 Blood DLC Expansion 2 Will Arrive At The End of August
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios revealed they Back 4 Blood will receive its DLC Expansion 2 at the end of this month The game has been a bit slow going to release new content since it was launched, but we can't really fault the team for that, as they're more focused on making sure[...]
LeBron James, Rick Sanchez, & Morty Smith Join MultiVersus
WB Games revealed three new characters being added to MultiVersus as LeBron James drops in, along with Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith "[BELCH] That's right, Morty! We've joined the most popular new brawler game of 2022, Morty! We're going to be famous in the gaming sphere, Morty! Maybe one of those Twitch people will play[...]
Gotham Knights Drops New Batgirl Character Trailer
During San Diego Comic-Con, WB Games dropped a brand new trailer for Gotham Knights, this time featuring Batgirl It's been a minute since we've actually had a discussion about Barbara Gordon being Batgirl, as a lot of the Batman-related video games have often put her in the role of Oracle, simply being a place to[...]
WB Games Announces New Platform Fighter MultiVersus
WB Games announced that they will be holding an open beta for their upcoming brawler MultiVersus, which will start on July 26th This beta will be available on PC, as well as Xbox and PlayStation consoles, with full cross-play support and dedicated server-based rollback netcode, so everyone is getting a chance to play against everyone[...]
Gotham Knights Releases New Character Trailer For Robin
WB Games has released a new character trailer this morning for Gotham Knights as we get a better look at their version of Tim Drake as Robin In this version of Gotham, as the Batman Family carries on through the aftermath of a deceased Batman, we see Drake come into his own as the youngest[...]
WB Games Announces New Platform Fighter MultiVersus
WB Games has dropped a brand new extended video this week for their upcoming game MultiVersus, showing off more of the 2v2 combat The video features four amazing players from the fighting game community as ApologyMan (playing as Tom & Jerry) and Brokkr (playing as Superman) represent the Blue Team as they faced off against[...]
Gotham Knights Shows Off More Of Nightwing In Latest Trailer
WB Games dropped a new trailer this week showing off more of Nightwing in Gotham Knights with the latest character trailer We don't get to see a ton from it, but we get enough to show Dick Grayson is basically the next Batman without being Batman Being the de facto leader of the family, Nightwing[...]
Gotham Knights Developer Changes Barbara Gordon Bio After Criticism
The development team of the upcoming Batman spinoff game Gotham Knights have changed Batgirl, AKA Barbara Gordon's biographical description after criticism that its depiction of her disability was ableist. Batgirl as seen in Gotham Knights, courtesy of WB Games. Eurogamer reported that during a Discord Q&A, fans asked about Batgirl's development in Gotham Knights after backlash to her[...]
WB Games Announces New Platform Fighter MultiVersus
WB Games decided to drop a new trailer this morning for MultiVersus as we got a ton of character reveals in one cinematic view We already knew this game was going to be a brawler title featuring a ton of properties under the Warner Bros banner, including DC Comics, Cartoon Network, HBO, and more What[...]
WB Games Announces New Platform Fighter MultiVersus
WB Games will be holding a special Closed Alpha for their upcoming brawler title MultiVersus, which will be kicking off on May 19th The closed beta will run through May 27th as an invite-only test, which they will use to work out some of the kinks in the game while allowing you to try out[...]
Gotham Knights Shows Off Robin & Red Hood Gameplay
WB Games and DC Comics have released a brand new video this morning for Gotham Knights, showing off Nightwing and Red Hood in action! The 13-minute video hosted by WB Games Montreal's Game Director, Geoff Ellenor, shows off a piece of the game featuring Dick Grayson and Jason Todd as they protect Gotham from the[...]
LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Releases Two New DLC Packs
We have more info on both packs below as they are available to purchase right now. Credit: WB Games The Mandalorian – Season 2: Get into more action with the fan-favorite characters from Season 2 of the hit series The Mandalorian Play as Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's former padawan with her dual lightsabers, and Boba Fett with his[...]
We Review LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
It brought the world of Star Wars to a younger generation, enraptured current fans with a nonsensical version that was fun to play, it even helped sell game consoles at one point to people who only wanted to play these titles, and ultimately helped make the company a powerhouse within WB Games' network of developers[...]
WB Games & NetEase Announce Harry Potter: Magic Awakened
WB Games and NetEase Games have opened up pre-registration for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened in time for rewards for the latest film The team is collaborating with the upcoming movie Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore to give out special rewards for free-to-play CCGMMO in which you will play as dueling wizards at Hogwarts Those[...]