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WB Games Announces New Platform Fighter MultiVersus
WB Games dropped a trailer for a new game today as we're getting a new platform fighter with their characters called MultiVersus Askin to Super Smash Bros., Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, and Brawlhalla, this is a free-to-play game in which you'll be fighting with characters that all fall under whatever properties Warner Bros owns So a[...]
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During DC FanDome, WB Games Montreal showed off a new story trailer for Gotham Knights as we get a good look at the Court of Owls Just like they have been in the comics, TV, and other forms of media, the Court is always around and quietly looking on from afar while controlling everything Now[...]
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Reveals New Artwork
WB Games showed off a brand new trailer during DC FanDome as we get a better look at their upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League No more are we getting weird teasers that don't really show anything, this is a good three minutes of seeing what the team has in store for this[...]
WB Games Reveal New Mobile Game DC Dual Force
WB Games along with Cryptozoic Entertainment have announced a brand new mobile title for DC Comics called DC Dual Force The two will be working with Yuke's, the company that for years developed the WWF/E titles and is currently working on Earth Defense Force series and the new AEW wrestling title, to create a digital[...]
WB Games Reveals Back 4 Blood With A New Trailer
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released one last trailer for Back 4 Blood as we get more blood and gore in the launch trailer If you haven't tried out a demo of the game yet and you're curious whether or not it lives up to the hype, this is the trailer to watch[...]
LEGO Star Wars Battles To Be Released As An Apple Arcade Exclusive
WB Games and TT Games officially launched LEGO Star Wars Battles into Apple Arcade this weekend as they bring the experience to iOS users Prior to the release, we were given a chance to check the game out in a special preview session with some of the developers and got the full experience of what[...]
Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Reveals New Artwork
WB Games and DC Comics decided to reveal some new artwork for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League ahead of DC FanDome next month The upcoming game from Rocksteady Studios has basically been quiet since last year when it was first revealed to the public with that glorious announcement trailer Which we can't really blame[...]
Back 4 Blood interview
WB Games and Turtle Rock Studios are on the verge of releasing Back 4 Blood, as the game is set to be released for PC and console on October 12th Ahead of the game's release, we got a chance to chat with a couple of people involved with the project, as we chatted with the[...]
The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Launches September 23rd
NetEase Games along with WB Games have released a new cinematic trailer for the mobile title The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War There's not much here beyond the fact you get to look at the game's introduction through the eyes of someone playing a long game with everyone in Middle-Earth as pieces to[...]
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WB Games and DC Comics decided to hype up DC FanDome ahead of time by dropping some brand new artwork for Gotham Knights Its' been over a year since the game was officially announced at the last FanDome event and we've heard barely anything as far as updates are concerned This latest artwork basically reaffirms[...]
LEGO Star Wars Battles To Be Released As An Apple Arcade Exclusive
WB Games, LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Games revealed this morning that LEGO Star Wars Battles will be released as an Apple Arcade exclusive The game will take you into some of the most epic battles in franchise history with iconic characters as you attempt to fight your way to victory While the game doesn't have[...]
The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War Launches September 23rd
WB Games and NetEase Games announced that The Lord Of The Rings: Rise To War is getting released on September 23rd This mobile strategy title has been in the works for a while, much like a lot of games that have been based on the LOTH properties Right now you can pre-register for it on[...]
LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Main Art
WB Games and TT Games revealed a new gameplay trailer today for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga during Gamescom 2021 The ever continuing wait for this game keeps on going as we got to see more of the gameplay and how the old and new will clash together in the mechanics, while also getting[...]
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Arrives On Nintendo Switch This Fall
WB Games and TT Games revealed today that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be released onto the Nintendo Switch later this Fall This is basically the original 2013 title ported over to the Switch, along with two of the DLC packs that were released with the game, as you will head into battle to save[...]
Vixen Comes To Injustice 2 Mobile With A Major Update
NetherRealm Studios and WB Games just revealed Vixen into Injustice 2 Mobile, and with her comes a major 5.0 update for the game Vixen has already been a part of the main game as one of the DLC characters for a few years now, but the mobile title works in different ways as they've slowly[...]