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The Flash "Armageddon" Director Checks In, Shares BTS Images
But with time running out and the fate of humanity at stake, The Flash and his companions will need to enlist the help of some old friends if the forces of good are to prevail. Joining "Team Flash" for the 5-part special event are Javicia Leslie's Batwoman, Brandon Routh's The Atom, Cress Williams' Black Lightning, Chyler[...]
The Flash: Javicia Leslie, Brandon Routh & More React to "Armageddon"
When The CW's The Flash returns for its eighth season on November 16, our heroes will be facing "Armageddon"- and over the course of the five-part special event, they won't be facing it alone. Javicia Leslie's Batwoman, Brandon Routh's The Atom, Cress Williams' Black Lightning, Chyler Leigh's Sentinel, Kat McNamara's Mia Queen, and Osric Chau's Ryan[...]
The Flash, Batwoman, Black Lightning & More Face Armageddon This Fall
And guess who's joining "Team Flash" for this epic adventure? Javicia Leslie's Batwoman, Brandon Routh's The Atom, Cress Williams' Black Lightning, Chyler Leigh's Sentinel, Kat McNamara's Mia Queen, and Osric Chau's Ryan Choi On the big bad side, Tom Cavanagh returns as Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash and Neal McDonough returns as Damien Darhk. Photo: The CW —[...]
The Presidents Of The Other History Of The DC Universe #5 (Spoilers)
It has taken DC Comics characters and told their story as a chronological narrative that began with Black Lightning in the late seventies and ended with the new Black Lightning, right about now And, as well as fives into DC Comics continuity, the passing of the real world is also reflected, often by the President[...]
It's been a part of her life in one way or another since her father, Jefferson Pierce, first started to fight crime as Black Lightning Despite what her parents tell her, despite what the world tells her, Anissa knows that she has the same calling as her father But as Anissa takes on the mantle[...]
Is Black Lightning Headed For A "Flashy" Future? Talking Crossovers
Let's kick things off by saying that this will be a spoiler-free article about The CW's Black Lightning ending its run after four seasons on Monday night Instead, it's going to be about series showrunner Salim Akil, series star Cress Williams, and what could've been when it comes to crossovers- and what could still be[...]
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Earlier this week, viewers had a chance via preview images and a promo to check out next week's series finale of The CW's Black Lightning As you most likely know by now, Jefferson (Cress Williams) is "dead" at the hands of big bad Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III)- but not really He's just in a really[...]
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So some bad news for fans of The CW's Black Lightning heading into next week's series finale (already bad news as it is) Jefferson (Cress Williams) is dead at the hands of big bad Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III) The good news/ Based on what you're about to see from the following preview images and[...]
Black Lightning Season 4 E12 Preview: Tobias Whale's Endgame Begins
Written by Brusta Brown and John Mitchell Todd and directed by Benny Boom, here's a look at the preview images and overview for "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One," followed by a teaser for the series' final two episodes- with The CW's Black Lightning returning this Monday night: Photo: Boris Martin/The CW — ©2021 The CW[...]
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This week's episode of The CW's Black Lightning finds Jefferson (Cress Williams) aka Black Lightning and Khalil aka Painkiller (Jordan Calloway) looking at a team-up while Lynn's (Christine Adams) next decision could change everything Of course, Tobias (Marvin Jones III) is looking to keep his options (and opportunities) open while Gambi (James Remar) stays on the[...]
We just have to add "multi" and get rid of the "uni." And to know where to look for a sense of where all this multiverse love came from, look no further than The CW's mega-crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Running from December 2019 to January 2020 and with Marc Guggenheim as overall creator,[...]
Black Lightning Season 4 E10 Preview: The Pierces Have Some Problems
When The CW's Black Lightning returns Monday night, we're hoping things start to get better for the Pierces- and fast Anissa (Nafessa Williams) aka Thunder has a new suit and new powers to adjust to, while Jefferson (Cress Williams) aka Black Lightning and Jennifer (Laura Kariuki) aka Lightning are dealing with some serious "power outage"[...]
Black Lightning Season 4 E09 "Lyding" Preview:
With only hours to go until The CW's Black Lightning returns to our screens for the next chapter in the Arrowverse series' fourth and final season, the network has (finally!) released a small set of preview images for "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding." Now, if we had a dollar for every time Gambi (James[...]