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Reverse Flash is Back as McFarlane Toys Reveals New Injustice 2 Figure
Green Arrow is not the only Injustice 2 fighter coming to the DC Multiverse figure Eline from McFarlane Toys Reverse Flash is speeding on in with a brand new figure that stands 7" tall and will face roughly 22 points of articulation This iconic Flash enemy will have his new battle ready armor as seen[...]
Injustice 2 Green Arrow Enters the Fight with New McFarlane Figure
Coming out of the hit DC fighting game Injustice 2, Oliver Queen is entering the fighter as the infamous archer, Green Arrow Featuring 22 inches of articulate, Green Arrow with features his design as seen in Injustice 2 with a more combat ready super suit He will come with a bow, a quiver, arrows, and[...]
NetherRealm Studios Gives Mobile Winter Updates To MK11 & Injustice 2
NetherRealm Studios has released a pair of updates for the mobile versions of Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat Mobile in time for the winter The big addition for MKM is that you're getting the MK11 version of Sindel added to the roster, while the Injustice 2 addition is a special holiday event featuring Mr Freeze[...]
Classic Wonder Woman Added To Injustice 2 Mobile For 80th Anniversary
Some fun news for fans of Injustice 2 Mobile as DC Comics, NetherRealm Studios, and WB Games have come together for a Wonder Woman event The classic version of the iconic character has been added to the game as part of her 80th Anniversary, just a few days ahead of Wonder Woman Day, as players[...]
Gorilla Grodd Stands His Ground His New McFarlane Toys Figure
A while back, McFarlane Toys announce that the hit DC fighting game and Injustice 2 are making their way to their 7-inch figure line Two figures were announced for the wave: The Flash and Gorilla Grodd; we also know that two more figures were recently revealed with (Hot Pursuit) The Flash and Dr Fate While[...]
Is Injustice 2's "Pride Global Challenge" Really To Kill Poison Ivy?
The mobile game Injustice 2, based on a future alternate reality of the DC Comics Universe, pits all manner of versions of DC Comics characters against each other And, like many other brands, are running a Pride promotion in June for Pride Month Most months see the game issue a monthly challenge to beat a[...]
McFarlane Toys Reveals New Injustice 2 Figures With Flash and Dr.Fate
Two new figures have been revealed from the hit DC fighting game Injustice 2 with the Flash and Dr Fate We have already received two Injustice 2 figures from McFarlane Toys with another Flash and Gorilla Grodd This time, we are getting a new Flash costume as his Hot Pursuit costume arrives that adds some[...]
Injustice 2 Flash and Gorilla Grodd Land at McFarlane Toys
This time we are getting digital as two fighters from the hit DC Comics game, Injustice 2, come to life This wave consists of returning characters with a new design and a whole new character debut Running it on first is a new Flash figure who is featuring a more bulky and realistic version of[...]
Wonder Woman 1984 Version Comes To Injustice 2 Mobile
WB Games and NetherRealm Studios will be adding the Wonder Woman 1984 version of the character to Injustice 2 Mobile As both a nod to the film, the franchise, the character, and to get some extra fun out of the game, the character's Golden Armor will be added to the game for you to snag,[...]
Injustice 2 and Flashpoint Getting New DC Figures from McFarlane Toys
That is not the only Flash related figure in this release as the hit video game Injustice 2 comes to life with two brand new figures Starting things off first is the return of Thomas Wayne's Flashpoint Batman who will be getting a new unmasked variant figure He will also be coming with a sword[...]
New Fighters Added To Mortal Kombat Mobile & Injustice 2 Mobile
WB Games and NetherRealm Studios have revealed major updates for Mortal Kombat Mobile and Injustice 2 Mobile, which are getting new characters We haven't heard a lot from either title in a while, but it looks like both will be getting some major upgrades as MK11M will be getting Noob Saibot added to the roster along[...]
Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Gets New Statue from Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studios is bringing back the hit DC Comics fighting video game, Injustice 2, with their newest statue Wonder Woman is back on the side of evil with this statue and Prime 1 Studios is giving her not one but three different variants Standard, Deluxe, and Limited Edition statues will be offered for her[...]
Injustice 2 Superman Statue from Prime 1 Studios
During the Injustice 2 story, we saw the notorious villain Superman be released to stop the Brainiac invasion that was upon us This time Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studios is also releasing Superman with a new statue This statue was announced last year but Sideshow has just recently listed both standard and deluxe versions[...]
New York Toy Fair: 15 Photos from Storm Collectibles Booth
Of course two of their biggest franchises made an appearance; Mortal Kombat and Injustice 2. For Injustice two we got to see up close views of Darkseid, Bane, Lobo, and Doomsday Photos hardly do these characters justice, they are a massive impact with detail that any collector will love We did get a sample of what Storm Collectibles has[...]
Doomsday Has Arrived with the New Storm Collectibles Figure
Storm Collectibles is bringing this creature alive yet again with their newest Injustice 2 figure it This figure will be 1/12 scale and will come in at a whopping 10 inches tall He is completely detailed and ready for action He does come with two separate had portraits as well as three pairs of hands He is[...]