One Piece Treasure Cruise Celebrates It's Sixth Anniversary

Bandai Namco announced this week that One Piece Treasure Cruise will be celebrating its sixth anniversary in style. Over the years, the company has gone out of its way to actually celebrate every anniversary of this game, and that's mighty impressive. Sure, a lot of people do anniversaries in mobile titles, but Bandai Namco has gone this long supporting the One Piece game, while a lot of companies would have already called it good or moved onto a different project and let this game slowly go away. This particular anniversary will seem them celebrating with an in-game event, which runs from today through March 19th, and will be filled with a bunch of things for you to do and items to collect along the way to make it feel like a grand celebration on the high seas. You can read the finer details below and see the anniversary trailer.

Has it really been six years? Man, time flies when you're sailing when you're mobile sailing. Courtesy of Bandai Namco.
Has it really been six years? Man, time flies when you're sailing when you're mobile sailing. Courtesy of Bandai Namco.

The addition of new Sugo Fest-Exclusive versions of fan-favorite characters from the Whole Cake Island arc, including Luffy & Sanji, Germa 66 and Sweet 3 Generals. Additionally, during the One Piece Treasure Cruise 6th Anniversary Super Sugo-Fest, players will have a 3x chance to recruit Sugo-Fest characters, as well as receive one free "10+1 Rare Recruit" per day. The opportunity to earn over 100 Rainbow Gems through daily login bonuses, Chopperman missions, and event quests. New reward events, including:

  • Face-Off! Sanji vs Luffy, where players can team up asynchronously to face off against Straw Hat Pirates' captain and cook, and earn rewards based on combined high scores.
  • Blitz Battle! Tea Party From Hell, where players can complete quests and earn rewards based on accumulated ranking points.
  • The Great Escape! Cacao Island, where players can earn rewards by clearing special missions within a certain number of turns.

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