Pokémon TCG Product Review: Opening First Partner Pack: Sinnoh

Another First Partner Pack has been released by the Pokémon TCG. Previously, we have seen Galar, Alolan, Kalos, and Unova. This month, we get the Unova Starters. I bought and opened a pack to review it and see what booster packs come inside. Let's crack it open.

First Partner Pack: Sinnoh jumbos. Credit: Pokémon TCG
First Partner Pack: Sinnoh jumbos. Credit: Pokémon TCG

The Jumbo Cards

This time may have been my favorite art offering so far, even though previous packs included my favorite starter Pokémon: Litten of Alola and Fennekin of Kalos. The cards here feature the obligatory Ken Sugimori art, reprinting these early Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup cards in oversized form with the foil 25th Anniversary stamp.

One thing that I want to note here that I began to think I didn't mention enough in my reviews of the previous packs: these products are fun but are so much better when paired with the 25th Anniversary oversized binder. The fact that we have a place to display these is a great help to collectors like myself and I recommend anyone getting these to pick up one of those binders as well. These are otherwise a bit hard to keep safe due to their size.

The Pokémon TCG packs

The pattern continues. So far, each First Partner Pack has included one Sun & Moon base pack and one pack of the latest Pokémon TCG set to come out. This is the first First Partner Pack to have been released since Chilling Reign came out so… ta-da! We have a Chilling Reign pack to open along with our Sun & Moon pack.

After opening both packs, I'm neither hyped nor disappointed. I only pulled regular rares from both packs, which is a pretty common occurrence with these. The truth is, I see these as bonus Pokémon TCG packs with the overall purpose being the jumbo cards. Unlike booster boxes, there are no real established pull rates because you're essentially getting two perfectly random packs. You may pull a Secret Rare, or you may end up getting clapped like me.


I continue to enjoy these every month and, with no other Pokémon TCG products releasing in July, I was quite pleased to get the chance to open something fun and new. For me, this product is a happy "Why not?"

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