Scars Above Shows Off The Making Of The Game In Latest Video

Get a better look at the making of Scars Above as Prime Matter shows off the art and creation of their latest game.

Prime Matter and Mad Head Games dropped a new video for Scars Above, as we essentially get a "Making Of" video before release. This latest video features members of the development team, as they talk you through the journey and thought process that went into the mechanics and execution of the art, design, and environments of their new sci-fi third-person action-adventure shooter. Get a better idea of what you'll be walking into as they show off combat, the intricate storyline, and a new mysterious alien world, all before the game is released on February 28th, 2023 for PC via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

Scars Above Shows Off The Making Of The Game In Latest Video
Credit: Prime Matter

"Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi third-person action-adventure shooter combining the rewarding feel of overcoming difficulty with a compelling and intricate story, set in a mysterious alien world to explore. Some things were not meant to be discovered… A colossal and enigmatic alien structure appears in Earth's orbit and stuns the entire world; humanity names it 'The Metahedron.' The Sentient Contact Assessment and Response team (SCAR) – consisting of scientists and engineers – is sent to investigate. Things don't go as planned, and the Metahedron hauls the team across space onto a mysterious extrasolar planet."

"Playing the role of Dr. Kate Ward – a SCAR member – who wakes up dazed, alone in a strange, hostile environment. Determined to survive, you set out to find your crew and unravel the mystery behind what's happened. Kate is an astronaut and a scientist – not a soldier – but she's resourceful and determined to do anything to survive. Use a combination of ranged weapons, devices, consumables, and melee attacks; you need to manage stamina as you run, dodge, exploit weak points and discover effective tactics to defeat your foes. Combine different elemental attacks to beat the odds and break through otherwise impassable obstacles. Craft different items and gadgets to aid you against the countless threats in this exoplanet."

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