Tachanka's Rework Finally Arrives In Rainbow Six Siege

Clear back in February, Ubisoft teased a rework of Tachanka that would be coming to Rainbow Six Siege. Well, it finally happened. We remember sitting at the Six Invitational in Montreal this year just before the world started shutting down due to COVID-19, with one journalist, in particular, freaking out about it, as one of the worst characters in the game (to the point where its a troll) was going to be getting an overhaul. Now with the ability to move his gun around and work with some new gadgets (as well as this weirdly new shirtless skin), he's become a bit more formidable. The rework is getting a test on the PC servers right now and will be launched later this month when he's good to go. In the meantime, here are a few more details and a wicked trailer to celebrate.

We're not sure anyone asked for shirtless Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege, but there he is. Courtesy of Ubisoft.
We're not sure anyone asked for shirtless Tachanka in Rainbow Six Siege, but there he is. Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Lord Tachanka has been deeply reworked for competitive play, with new mobility and new gameplay opportunities, thanks to changes in his loadout and a new gadget. His new Elite Skin, "Slava Korolyu," is now available, presenting the Mighty Lord at his best. Russian Defender Tachanka has been distinctly improved. Formerly static, he now carries his DP27 LMG as primary weapon for more mobility, with a massive destruction ability to walls. He is also now equipped with a Shumikha launcher, firing incendiary grenades to deny entry or zones while damaging enemies brave enough to stay in its area. The withstand ability, originally available on the Test Server, is not present anymore in the live version of the game. With this rework comes a new Elite skin: "Slava Korolyu" ("Glory to The King" in Russian), which features a shirtless Tachanka, ready to set the world on fire.

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