Team Awakened Orochio To Join King Of Fighters XV In August

SNK has a pair of updates for King Of Fighters titles, the big one being a new team addition coming to The King Of Fighters XV. The new team is Team Awakened Orochio, which is comprised of some familiar faces as Orochi Shermie, Orochi Yashiro, and Orochi Chris join the battle. The significance of these three being a team is that they all worked in the shadows to revive Orochi as part of the storyline of KOF '97. While they weren't given a proper release date, we know the trio will be added sometime in August 2022, which will bring the total playable character roster to 52. We're guessing it'll happen right around Evo 2022. The other bit of news is that The King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is being released on PS4 today, and with it comes an impressive update to the game that brings in some new modes and challenges for you to play, on top of the already awesome game its all based on. You can read more about the latter down below, as well as check out a trailer for the news team down at the bottom.

Team Awakened Orochio To Join King Of Fighters XV In August
Credit: SNK

The King Of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, a fully tuned-up version of KOF '98 which is still an immensely popular game in the KOF series, is finally coming to PlayStation 4. Based on KOF '98, this new "Ultimate Match" features a unique new "Ultimate Mode" system and game balance adjustments. Various game modes such as "Challenge Mode" and "Practice Mode" have also been added. In addition, this title adopts rollback netcode for its online matches. Online lobbies can accommodate up to nine players and features a spectator mode. Online functions have also been greatly overhauled, including a replay function for battles and settings for matchmaking conditions. Aim for the top by winning the ultimate battle between 64 popular characters from KOF's history!

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