What Is A God Pack In Dragon Ball Super Card Game?

If you are new to the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, you may have heard the phrase "God Pack" used before. In this article, I'll break down exactly what a God Pack is and what it means for collectors and players.

God Pack. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
God Pack. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

First, there are a few basic things about the Dragon Ball Super Card Game to understand:

  • Most cards are classified by one of six types of Rarity. These Rarities include:
    • C for Common
    • U for Uncommon
    • R for Rare
    • SR for Super Rare
    • SPR for Special Rare
    • SCR for Secret Rare
  • There are sets which have unique rarities, such as the ISR (Infinite Saiyan Rare) from Assault of the Saiyans and the NHR (Noble Hero Rare) and IVR (Ignoble Villain Rare) cards from Malicious Machinations. These are rarities themed to certain sets and aren't a part of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game's ongoing rarity list.
  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare cards can be pulled in two forms: a standard card or a foil version. These foils are often called parallel foils, because they are the exact same card printed as a foil.
  • A standard pack of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will include twelve cards: ten regular common or uncommon cards will appear first in the pack; then, the eleventh card slot is the parallel foil slot; finally, the final slot is the Rare slot, where a R, SR, SPR, or SCR can be pulled.

So… a God Pack.

A God Pack is when every single card in the pack is a foil. You will receive nine regular foils, followed by three great pulls. In the past, the final three cards have been three Super Rares. With the newest set, Cross Spirits, the final three cards consist of two Super Rares and then, finally, one Special Rare.

You will know if you receive a God Pack as soon as you rip open your Dragon Ball Super Booster Pack. If the first card is foil, it's a God Pack, because the foil slot is otherwise always in the eleventh slot. This is quite a rare find, so good luck hunting, folks!

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