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Orochi Shermie & Orochi Chris Come To The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble and SNK have released a new update for The King of Fighters AllStar featuring Orochi Shermie and Orochi Chris as new playable fighters The two bring with them their own styles and powers that will make the game a little more interesting It's not going to break anything, but it will definitely make things[...]
The King Of Fighters XV To Get Cross Play & Free DLC Chatacter
SNK has revealed a new update on on the way for The King Of Fighters XV, as we'll be getting a new free DLC fighter and more The company revealed that Goenitz will officially make his way into the game for players to utilize, which came as a bit of a surprise as we haven't[...]
The King Of Fighters XIII Global Match To Launch Beta Next Week
SNK has announced they will be holding a new beta for The King Of Fighters XIII Global Match to test out the servers, which will happen next week The test will be held exclusively on PlayStation for this round, with the goal of improving the quality of the online experience and really making sure that[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble and SNK have added two new fighters to The King Of Fighters AllStar in the most recent update as players now have Lady Goenitz and XV Chizuru Kagura on the roster Both characters bring with them a bit of flair to the fight, as they have a bit of synergy when ti comes to[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Offers New PlayStation Demo
SNK has released a brand new demo for The King Of Fighters XV exclusive to PlayStation owners that lets them play a limited version of the game The move is a little weird, considering the game has been out since February of last year, and has released multiple DLCs to make the roster pretty hefty[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Adds Latest DLC Character Kim Kaphwan
SNK dropped a new update for The King Of Fighters XV this week as they have now added Kim Kaphwan to the roster as DLC A frequent fighter to both the KOF and Fatal Fury series, we're getting a much more toned-down version of the character as he looks a little less karate student and[...]
SNK Confirms Bigger Presence For EVO Japan 2023
SNK revealed this morning they are going to have a bigger presence during EVO Japan 2023 when the event kicks off in late March The company will have five different games holding official tournaments as part of the event, with the big one on the list being The King Of Fighters XV But they're also[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds Two New KOFXV Fighters
Netmarvle and SNK have come together to add Iori and Shun'ei to the game, giving you some new options with a couple of new skills to unleash on your opponents As well as some new content you can experience right now as soon as you download the update We have the developer notes for you[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Season 2 Will Launch On January 17th
SNK revealed new details for The King Of Fighters XV Season 2 as the company will launch it on January 17th A few new additions will be coming to the game right out of the gate, including the addition of a new roster member in Shingo Yabuki Shingo has been a part of the series[...]
The King Of Fighters XV To Launch Season Two In January
SNK has announced that they have a confirmed date for The King Of Fighters XV – Season Two, as it will be coming in January 2023 The team didn't release a ton of information about what would be coming because, obviously, they want you to be intrigued enough to buy into it but not give[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds Two New Characters
Netmarble and SNK revealed two new fighters would be coming to The King Of Fighters AllStar in the latest update The update went live this week as they have added in Lady Chin Gentsia and Athena Asamiya, both of whom will present new kinds of challenges for players to learn and overcome as they are[...]
Team Samurai Comes To The King Of Fighters XV Next Week
SNK announced this morning that Team Samurai will be making their way into The King Of Fighters XV as DLC next week The content will bring about three of the fiercest and also entertaining fighters to the game as you'll be getting Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and Darli Dagger from Samurai Shodown Heavy Slash into the game[...]
Netmarble Announces The King Of Fighters Arena For Mobile
Netmarble has revealed a brand new game on the way working with SNK as they will be releasing The King Of Fighters Arena This version of the game will be a real-time action PvP title that will feature more of the traditional fighting game archetype, as it will primarily be fast-paced with simple controls for[...]
The King Of Fighters All-Star Announces New Collaboration With Tekken 7
Netmarble and SNK have partnered up with Bandai Namco as they have brought Tekken 7 into The King Of Fighters AllStar This collaboration, which started today with a new update, has added Hwoarang and Nina Williams to the mix as playable characters, as well as Devil Jin as a major boss battle, and a number[...]
The King Of Fighters XV Reveals Two New DLC Teams
During Evo 2022, SNK gave a brief update of new characters coming to The King Of Fighters XV as two new teams are on the way First off, we learned more about the next team on the way, Team Awakened Orochi This one is comprised of Orochi Chirs, Orochi Yashiro, and Orochi Chermie, all of[...]
SNK Announces The Return Of Fatal Fury During Evo 2022
SNK made a surprise announcement during Evo 2022 as they are bringing back the fighting game series Fatal Fury Probably the most shocking announcement you'll see all weekend long, as this series hasn't been touched in two decades Originally started in 1991 as a title for the NeoGeo, it was the company's first fighting game[...]
Mega Man Battle & Fighters Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
SNK has another awesome NeoGeo Pocket title coming to the Nintendo Switch as fans are getting Mega Man Battle & Fighters today If you're not familiar with this title, don't worry, it's not exactly one of the more highly publicized titles from the Capcom franchise out there It was a Japanese-only release in 2000, and[...]
The King Of Fighters Drops Two Characters Into Fall Guys
Epic Games and Mediatonic have announced a new crossover for Fall Guys as they have partnered with SNK for The King Of Fighters characters Well, like all things in this game, you can't really call it a character addition, is a costume for your bean Two, in fact, as you're getting Terry Bogard (who technically[...]
Team Awakened Orochio To Join King Of Fighters XV In August
SNK has a pair of updates for King Of Fighters titles, the big one being a new team addition coming to The King Of Fighters XV The new team is Team Awakened Orochio, which is comprised of some familiar faces as Orochi Shermie, Orochi Yashiro, and Orochi Chris join the battle The significance of these[...]
SNK Launches Retro Classic RPG Biomotor Unitron For Switch
SNK has launched another retro classic title from the NEOGEO Pocket as Nintendo Switch players can now download the RPG Biomotor Unitron The company has brought back a number of titles from the old-school handheld console which primarily was released in Japan, giving western audiences a chance to try out games they've either never seen[...]
Team South Town Will Arrive In The King Of Fighters XV This Week
SNK revealed new details about the addition of Team South Town to The King Of Fighters XV, as well as some updates coming to the game On May 17th you'll be getting three new characters added to the mix with Geese Howard, Billy Kane, and Ryuji Yamazaki Each one brings their own skills to the[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds EX Kyo Kusanagi In New Update
Netmarble and SNK have added a new update to The King Of Fighters AllStar today as players can fight against EX Kyo Kusanagi Yes, you now have an upgraded version of the character added to the paytable roster, as this one has been based on the KOFXV version The team has tried to balance him[...]