Telltale Games' Former CEO is Suing the Company He Co-Created

Some distressing news from Telltale Games as Kevin Bruner, the company's co-creator and former CEO is suing them after being forced out. The news comes to us from the Marin Independent Journal, Bruner helped found the company in 2004 and eventually became CEO in 2015, but was forced out after Lionsgate invested in the company and board members took the opportunity to push for a change.

Within two years, Burner was forced out of the company and off the board, eventually replaced by another co-founder and former Telltale Games CEO in Dan Conners. The lead Bruner to file suit, which was sparked after he was cut off from the company when he wanted to sell his shares. Below is a brief snippet from the article about some of the details of what's happened so far, and as you can see, this is going to get a lot uglier before it gets resolved.

"The net effect of Bruner's alleged removal from the board of directors was that Bruner was deprived of relevant insight into the management and financial state of Telltale and the value of its shares," the lawsuit says.

Bruner filed the lawsuit in Marin County Superior Court in late February, claiming breach of contract and other allegations.

In a response, lawyers for Telltale said Bruner's suit was "meritless" and filed "as an apparent means of extracting revenge on a company already under financial strain."

"The Company is now working to turn around the decline that it experienced under Plaintiff's stewardship," Telltale's filing said.

An ensuing reply by Bruner's lawyers accused Telltale of "baseless and careless accusations of petty revenge."

Judge Roy Chernus has rejected an initial attempt by Telltale to defeat the lawsuit outright, ruling there are issues that appear to deserve further examination.

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