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"Tales From the Borderlands" Sequel Allegedly Leaked on Reddit

"Tales From the Borderlands Redux" and Sequel Allegedly Leaked on Reddit

If you enjoyed the story-centric Tales From the Borderlands and found yourself wanting more, that may very well be in the cards. If a recent leak that hit Reddit is to be believed, there's a potential sequel on tis way. Over at r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, a user posted two different off-screen videos of what appeared to be […]

"The Wolf Among Us 2" Is Being Created From Scratch

It looks like we may be waiting just a little longer on The Wolf Among Us 2 as we now know the game will be re-created from the ground up. The news came out from an interview with US Gamer, in which LCG Entertainment CEO Jaime Ottilie said the former devs from Telltale Games along […]

The New Telltale Games Claims To Have A New Business Model

A new interview with the revitalized Telltale Games has the company suggesting they have a new business model compared to the one before. The company chatted with IGN to talk about their current plans after they were bought out and restarted by LCG Entertainment. The focus of the conversation with an unnamed rep centered around […]

Athlon Games Releases "The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition"

Athlon Games Releases "The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition"

Athlon Games has taken the Telltale Batman series and released it with an entirely new look today with The Telltale Batman Shadows Edition. Earlier in 2019, the company struck a publishing deal for both Batman titles as well as The Wolf Among Us. Now we're seeing part of the result of that as both seasons […]

"The Wolf Among Us 2" Revealed Again At The Game Awards

A bit of a surprise from The Game Awards as we got a re-reveal for The Wolf Among Us 2, confirming the game is back in production. LCG Entertainment has taken over the reins of what's left of Telltale Games, and brought back several key staff members under a new developer called AdHoc Studio to […]

"Batman": Why is Thomas Wayne a Meanie Now?

"Batman": Why is Thomas Wayne A Meanie Now?

Batman's dad Thomas Wayne is a bad guy now. He didn't used to be. He was the kind doctor and philanthopist who taught his son to be charitable and benevolent. Suddenly, he's a villain in nearly every new story. What's going on? Thomas Wayne was the benevolent, beloved father of Bruce Wayne. He was a […]

Several Game Industry Vets Purchase Telltale Games

After Telltale Games let go of their staff and shut the company down, we kind of assumed we'd never see them or anything they were working on again. That all changed today as news broke that several veteran game industry players purchased the company, its assets, and everything else tied to it that wasn't already […]

"The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series" Arrives in September

"The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series" Arrives in September

Skybound Games announced today that they will be releasing The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series this September for fans of the game. This will essentially be a remastered version of all the Telltale Games releases along with the final season Skybound pushed forward after the company shut down. As you can see from pics […]

Minecraft Story Mode Will Be Taken Offline In Late June

Minecraft: Story Mode Will Be Taken Offline In Late June

Sad news for those who enjoyed Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale Games as the word has finally come down that the game will be removed from stores. It's been a minute since we've had any bad news related to the fallout from Telltale Games going under, but the latest round of games affected by the […]

2K Games Is Working To Get Tales From The Borderlands Back Up

One of the side projects we've learned about from 2K Games is that they've been working to restore Tales From The Borderlands for sale. With Borderlands 3 on the way, it only makes sense for the company to want anything and everything related to the franchise up for sale, just in case some gamers feel […]

The Walking Dead Final Season: "Take Us Back" Trailer, Ep. 4

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Receives One More Trailer

Skybound Games released one more trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and man, does this doesn't have "we're all dying" written all over it. I mean, there's trailers where there's some kind of hope, and then there's this where there appears to be about a dozen different ways they could kill everyone off […]

AdHoc Studio Created by Former Ubisoft and Telltale Developers

There's a new development company forming called AdHoc Studio that's being head up by three former Telltale Games/Ubisoft employees. Variety broke the story that Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart, and Pierre Shorette have all left Ubisoft to form the new studio, which will focus on creating interactive narrative games. A couple of years ago, all three were working at Telltale […]

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Do We Now Know The Walking Dead: The Final Season's Last Episode Date?

After the downfall of Telltale Games and the resurrection from Skybound Games, we finally have Episode 3 this week for The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, something has already caught the eye of players that could be the news we've been waiting for on Episode 4. Below is a screenshot floating around on Reddit and […]

We're Probably Never Getting The Wolf Among Us: Season Two

When all of the Telltale Games assets when up for grabs, some assumed we might finally get an answer as to when The Wolf Among Us: Season Two would happen. But according to former Telltale employees, several members of the staff pretty much knew the game would never be released, even when it was announced. In […]

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Epic Games Store to Release The Walking Dead: The Final Season on PC

This morning, Skybound Games and Epic Games made a deal to release The Walking Dead: The Final Season on PC through the Epic Games Store. It's a rather interesting move that the company seems to have made out of the blue, and may be a bit confusing for those who have already purchased previous chapters on other […]

Former Telltale Games Lead Writer Joins Insomniac Games

Some cool news for one of Telltale Games' former lead writers as Mary Kenney has officially joined up with Insomniac Games. Kenney had a hand in more than one of the company's storylines from several of the IP's they worked on before everything went to hell. Primarily for both Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead. The […]

Walking Dead Final Season Release Date: "Broken Toys" Teaser

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Resume in Mid-January

During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, we finally found out when we'll see Episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Skybound Games revealed three major things during the event: A trailer, a date, and a team name. According to the company, the team responsible for making the game moving forward is being called StillNotBitten. No […]

Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode Now on Netflix

  While Telltale Games has closed down, Variety is reporting that the company's episodic point-and-click adventure series Minecraft: Story Mode is now on Netflix. So you can enjoy Story Mode from the comfort of your nearest tablet, whenever you like. And yes, it is still interactive. If you didn't play Minecraft: Story Mode this is the best chance […]

Skybound Games Updates Fans on Telltale's The Walking Dead Progress

People have been anxious to find out what the overall plans are for Telltale's The Walking Dead ever since Skybound Games took over the IP. Today, the company gave a slight update to it all, and while there are no official dates or storyline information, they did give some heads up as to the challenge […]

Skybound Games Addresses Taking Over The Walking Dead from Telltale

A lot of people have been curious as to what's happening with The Walking Dead: The Last Season since Skybound Games took over for Telltale. It appears the company has heard your words and read your messages and finally were able to give an update on Twitter this week. Although it may not be the […]