The Next Call Of Duty: Black Ops Game Has Been Leaked

We may not know too much about the game itself, but a new leak has the name of the next Call Of Duty: Black Ops game. The news is coming from Eurogamer, who is reporting that the name has come from a credible leaker known as Okami, who has revealed content in the past that was later confirmed to be real. The latest leak they're being credited for is a photoshopped image they tweeted of an old Black Ops poster with the words "Cold War" crudely thrown into the picture.  On the same day that happened, this tweet went out from the Twitter account Call Of Duty News, saying "Vaults can now be opened with Key Cards in Warzone, and fans have found telephones with Russian dialogue, nukes". It might be a coincidence, but pretty interesting that would happen on the day a leak involving the words Cold War would appear.

The most recent Black Ops title was Black Ops 4 from 2018.
The most recent Black Ops title was Black Ops 4 from 2018.

The big takeaway from this is that the Cold War was not even a war. The name comes from the fact that the United States and Russia were so heavily armored with nukes for decades, that it always felt like we were on the verge of someone pushing a button and sending us into a nuclear winter that would wipe out half the planet. So while the Call Of Duty: Black Ops series doesn't necessarily follow a war in every franchise, the storyline that this could be tied to would make for some interesting gameplay. Of course, when it comes to games based on the Cold War, a lot of them focus more on the spy aspect since a lot of that era was heavily focused on each side getting intel on the other. How that era would play out for a series like Call Of Duty would be interesting to see.

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