Three New Titles Drop Into Apple Arcade Including Sociable Soccer

Apple Arcade had three new games drop into their service this week, all from indie studios as they increase their growing library. The company has slowly been building up their list of games and have now gotten themselves to have 120+ titles on board since they launched. It's been an interesting climb for them as they continue to compete with console and mobile, as well as other services like Stadia. The three games that have been added to their library are Grindstone, Sociable Soccer, and Explottens. You can check out descriptions for all three below, and we have a couple of trailers for you to check out as all of these games are available on Apple Arcade now.

You can now play Sociable Soccer on Apple Arcade, courtesy of Rogue Games.
You can now play Sociable Soccer on Apple Arcade, courtesy of Rogue Games.

Developer: Capybara
Description: Grindstone is a unique sword-slashing, chain-building, grindstone-collecting color match game that is a surprisingly satisfying stress reliever. Capybara is launching their biggest Grindstone update yet including 50 new "cave" levels that can be found throughout Grindstone Mountain, an exciting new Daily Grind mode complete with leaderboards, five new gold item blueprints, and a new Pickaxe and Goldrush Garb to help players collect all the gold nuggets they need. There's no better time to jump in.

Game:Sociable Soccer
Developer: Rogue Games
Description: The Sociable Soccer update out today includes new features that will stir up the competitive spirit including Club v Club, where players will automatically join a clan when choosing a team, with tournaments being held daily and weekly. Players will also have the ability to play PvP matches online with their chosen club.

Developer: WeRplay
Description: Explottens is packing in more action in this heart pumping, twin-stick shoot 'em up. The new update will have players blasting through three new missions, two new boss fights, and a new island to play after finishing the main missions in the game.

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