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Disney & Nickelodeon To Release New Games On Apple Arcade
Apple Arcade will be getting a couple of new titles soon from Disney and Nickelodeon as the two giants have new mobile titles on the way The first one, which will be coming out this Friday, is Disney Melee Mania from Mighty Bear Games, which we've chatted about before, as you'll be taking famous characters[...]
Disney Melee Mania Is Headed To Apple Arcade
Apple along with Disney and Mighty Bear Games revealed that Disney Melee Mania will be coming out on Apple Arcade sometime soon The game will be exclusive to the platform as you will be headed into battle with all of your favorite Disney and Pixar characters in what will essentially be 3v3 fights to see[...]
LEGO Star Wars: Castaways Comes To Apple Arcade In November
Gameloft announced this week that they will be bringing LEGO Star Wars: Castaways over to Apple Arcade in mid-November The game is essentially a recreational version of the LEGO Star Wars universe in which you'll be heading off to a new planet to play games and build a sort of home Which includes taking on some classic[...]
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition Announces As Apple Arcade Exclusive
2K Games will be bringing NBA 2K22 to Apple Arcade as they are releasing the exclusive NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition coming next week The game will officially launch on October 19th featuring an all-new mode called The Association, in which you get to be the GM or Head Coach of your favorite NBA franchise and[...]
LEGO Star Wars Battles To Be Released As An Apple Arcade Exclusive
WB Games and TT Games officially launched LEGO Star Wars Battles into Apple Arcade this weekend as they bring the experience to iOS users Prior to the release, we were given a chance to check the game out in a special preview session with some of the developers and got the full experience of what[...]
LEGO Star Wars Battles To Be Released As An Apple Arcade Exclusive
WB Games, LEGO Group, and Lucasfilm Games revealed this morning that LEGO Star Wars Battles will be released as an Apple Arcade exclusive The game will take you into some of the most epic battles in franchise history with iconic characters as you attempt to fight your way to victory While the game doesn't have[...]
Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls Is Coming To Apple Arcade
Konami revealed this morning they will be releasing Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls on Apple Arcade as an exclusive to the platform The game offers up a variety of ways to tackle each of its 60 stages as it offers up five playable characters you should be familiar with You'll get to play as Simon, Alucard,[...]
Tetris Beat Will Soon Be Released On Apple Arcade
The Tetris franchise is getting a whole new game on Apple Arcade as N3TWORK will be releasing Tetris Beat in the near future This is one of those weird combo games where they are taking the classic game we have grown up with for decades and fusing it with exclusive music and innovative rhythm mechanics,[...]
Legends Of Kingdom Rush Opens Pre-Orders On Apple Arcade
Apple has opened up pre-orders for their next Apple Arcade exclusive title, Legends Of Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Game Studios The game is a fun turn-based combat title a detailed and engaging combat system that will play a little differently from your traditional games in the genre You'll also be playing on a hex-based movement[...]
Apple Launches “Apple Arcade” Monthly Game Subscription Service
Apple Arcade announced today they have added a ton of new games in their first major expansion of content since launching This morning, the service has started expanding its catalog to more than 180 games, which includes launching more than 30 titles today from some of the most popular gaming franchises, brands, and creators out[...]
Apple Arcade Receives NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition
2K Games and Apple Arcade announced this morning that NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition has officially launched on the mobile gaming platform In case you're wondering, no, it is not the fully maximized version of the game that you can play on PC and consoles, as that would be too big for a lot of devices[...]
Apple Arcade Reveals Fantasian & Wonderbox Both Coming Soon
Apple Arcade revealed this week that both Fantasian and Wonderbox will both be coming to the platform sometime soon They failed to put a release date on either game, as the news today primarily focused on the fact that Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game and Farm It! have booth been added today But we got[...]
Apple Arcade Releases Populus Run Among Game Updates
Apple Arcade released a new title this week with Populus Run, along with several updates for games they currently have Populus Run has been in the works for a minute as it serves as a candy-coated running game where you control a group of people and try to guide them to safety It's kind of[...]
Apple Arcade Announces Survival Z Is On The Way
Apple Arcade revealed this week that they will be bringing Survival Z over to their platform in the near future The game mixes roguelike and tower defense into one as you will try to save humanity from the brink of disaster after an event leaves a lot of things in shambles You will play as[...]
Apple Launches “Apple Arcade” Monthly Game Subscription Service
Apple Arcade revealed a couple of new games on the way as well as several updates that have been added to current titles The two new games coming to the platform are Nuts, which is a new first-person puzzle game from Noodlecake Studios, and Spire Blast, which is a creative take on Match 3 where[...]