Ubisoft Appoints Anika Grant As Their New Chief People Officer

Ubisoft announced today that they have appointed a new Chief People Officer for the company, and that person is Anika Grant. According to the statement, Grant will oversee "all aspects of Ubisoft's people strategy and drive HR excellence at the company" and will report directly to the CEO as they will implement new strategies to develop talents within Ubisoft. The job will also oversee global recruiting, talent management, leadership development, and compensation and benefits. The new position is essentially one of many responses the company is taking after last year's internal investigations of workplace behavior, which lead to the removal (or preemptive departure) of several employees who had been with the company for years. It's a step in the right direction in certain ways, but how this will impact the internal structure of the company moving forward is still unknown. We have a couple of quotes from the announcement below.

Anika Grant is now the company's new Chief People Officer, courtesy of Ubisoft.
Anika Grant is now the company's new Chief People Officer, courtesy of Ubisoft.

"I am very happy to welcome Anika Grant as our new Chief People Officer. Her energy, optimism and breadth of experience will be great assets to keep evolving our approach to HR and talent management. Working alongside me, Anika's mission will consist of aligning all our HR teams with a strong, shared vision, building a robust talent pipeline, and implementing innovative and new ways of working. Anika will also be focusing her leadership efforts on strengthening our global corporate culture, ensuring that all our teams can thrive in an environment that promotes a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and collective wellbeing," said Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft.

"I'm excited to be part of Ubisoft, whose mission is to provide opportunities for enrichment and self-discovery through innovative and original gaming experiences. I am also incredibly proud to partner with the talented, passionate people at Ubisoft to deliver on this mission, and confident that together we will continue making Ubisoft an employer of choice, one that offers its team members exciting challenges, a welcoming and open environment, and the freedom to express their creativity every day," said Anika Grant, Ubisoft's new Chief People Officer.

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