Vampire: The Masquerade Show LA By Night Announces Sequel

World of Darkness announced they will be producing a sequel to the Vampire: The Masquerade show LA By Night called NY By Night. The original show, which was originally started by Geek & Sundry in 2018 and eventually brought to a close with Paradox Interactive this past October, gave fans of the supernatural TTRPG an amazing weekly livestreamed show for five seasons. The show helped showcase the new 5th Edition version of the game and its expansions of content through an intriguing story featuring several professional gamers. Now, World Of Darkness will be producing this new sequel set in New York City, which will debut this coming Friday, July 1st at 7pm PT on the WoD Twitch channel. You can read up more on the show below and see who is involved as they have faces both old and new joining the cast.

Vampire: The Masquerade Show LA By Night Announces Sequel
Credit: World of Darkness

NY By Night follows two coteries of young vampires as they struggle to find their place amid the dark schemes of New York City's undead underworld. Representing the Anarch story,  season one focuses on a group of four young vampires who are fed up with living under the Camarilla's strict rules. Airing later this year, season two will focus on the Camarilla faction and their tight grip on New York's vampire domain. Both the Anarch and Camarilla coteries begin their story separately but are on a collision course; carrying on the parallel narrative innovation the team pioneered in LA By Night. More information about Season 2, including cast and story details, will be revealed closer to its debut. NY By Night includes veteran World of Darkness cast in new roles and newcomers to the Vampire: The Masquerade story world. The Anarch cast lineup for season one includes:

  • Jason Carl as the Storyteller: The iconic host and creator of LA By Night returns to the role of Storyteller this new series. The Storyteller guides the cast and directs the story as the vampire Coteries
  • Alexander Ward as Isaac Brooke: A Tzimisce gangster seeking to understand himself, Isaac is building a criminal network to advance his clandestine plans..
  • Mayanna Beren as Serif: Dealing with a difficult and dangerous past, Serif is a Ravnos tagger looking for artistic freedom.
  • Aabria Iyengar as Margot "Fuego" Walker: Margot is a Ventrue intent on protecting her neighborhood from enemies both living and undead.
  • Joey Rassool as Reyes Malcolm: Attempting to return to the life he lost, Reyes is a Gangrel who finds himself in conflict with everybody.

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