Five Nights At Freddy's Is Getting Another Sequel


Five Nights at Freddy's has only been with less than two years now, but there are already been five games. The last game, a spin off called FNaF World, was at one point going to be creator Scott Cawthon's last in the series, as he went to move on to more titles.

It seems not though, as another game in the series has just been announced. Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location has now been announced on a new website, which ominously proclaims, 'there was never just one'. It seems we are going to a new location, but one set inside the FNaF's universe. Interesting.

Responding to a post, asking why he came back to the series, after saying he'd leave after World, Cawthon said:

I never said I couldn't change my mind. ;) It's not like every time I speak I'm engraving it into a stone tablet somewhere.

He also confirmed that this title will be canon.

And hey, if it's working for him, and fans keep buying it, whose to say otherwise?