Game Devs Of Color Expo Announces Starting Set of Panels & Speakers

The 2021 Game Devs Of Color Expo revealed their first set of speakers coming tot he online event, along with some of the panels they have planned. some of the highlights already out the gate are the developers behind Button City, GNOG, LIONKILLER, She Dreams Elsewhere, Sephonie, Validate, and more. We got the lineup below from the organizers as more will be revealed at a later date. The event will be taking place complete online from September 23rd-27th, 2021.

Game Devs Of Color Expo Returns Online This September
Credit: DoCExpo

The 2021 Game Devs of Color Expo will also feature interviews hosted by DaPurpleSharpie with developers from indie studios Subliminal (Button City), Soft Not Weak (Spirit Swap: Lofi Beats to Match-3 to), Aerial_Knight, DragonBear Studios (Innchanted), Plethora Project (Common'hood), insertdisc5 (START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: a prologue), Fishean Studio (Our America VR), Somber Pixel (Night Reverie), Analgesic Productions (Sephonie), Team Midautumn, Studio Zevere (She Dreams Elsewhere), and Danny Fisher.

The expo is also hosting several panels, touching on a variety of relevant industry topics. "Cooperating as Game Worker Cooperatives," will provide an overview on the history of worker cooperatives, with panelists Alex A.K. (Soft Not Weak), Eva-Léa Longue Ngambi (Lucid Tales), and Francesca Esquenazi (Future Club) sharing their experiences with this little-known business model. Tabletop-game developers can learn more about picking and refining projects in the "Finding Your Voice: Developing Your Brand (in Tabletop)" panel, with Yeonsoo Julian Kim (Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game), Jeeyon Shim (Sea of Legends: Expansion), Victoria Caña (Cat Quartet Games), Ella Ampongan (The Dice Tower), and Banana Chan (Game and a Curry).

"From the very beginning, we've worked to create a space and an industry that we can all enjoy," said Chris Algoo. "The excitement we receive every year from attendees, sponsors, and devs is pushing us forward to create the biggest and best Game Devs of Color Expo in 2021."

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