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Yamaha Jumps Into Video Games With The ZG Series Gaming Mixer
Yamaha has made a play to get into the audio side of video games as they have announced the ZG Series Gaming Mixer Technically the company released two items as part of the series, as the first one is the mixer itself, going by the product name, the ZG01 With it they have also released[...]
YouTube Announces A Brand New Event Called YouTube: Game On
YouTube revealed this morning they'll be launching a brand new gaming event later this month as they present YouTube: Game On This is going to be a special two-hour interactive livestream taking place on August 27th, starting at 1PM PT The goal of which will be to celebrate all things gaming with a ton of[...]
Razer Launches New Low-Profile Keyboard In Deathstalker V2 Pro
Razer dropped a brand new gaming keyboard that is made for pretty much everyone in some fashion with the Deathstalker V2 Akin to some other designs that we've seen come out in recent years, this is made to be an amazing gaming keyboard, but also functions quite well as an all-purpose keyboard This is something[...]
Logitech G Unveils Its Brand New Aurora Collection
Logitech G has unveiled its brand new collection of gaming gear designs and colors as they showed off the Aurora Collection The team put together this new set based of designs and accessories based on a specific aesthetic and through research, with the goal of being gender inclusive, not gender exclusive The look and feel[...]
CORSAIR Launches New UHD 4K & QHD 240Hz Xeneon Monitors
CORSAIR revealed a new set of gaming monitors this week in the form of the UHD 4K and the QHD 240Hz Xeneon Monitors Adding two new designs to their line, you have an option of how you'd like to view your gaming and media on PC, depending in you prefer having UHD 4K resolution gaming[...]
Samsung Officially Launches Their New Smart TV Gaming Hub
Samsung has officially launched its brand new Gaming Hub today, which can be found in certain Smart TV models If you haven't checked this out yet, this has been designed to be an all-in-one game streaming discovery platform in which you'll be able to access multiple platforms all in the same place This includes working[...]
First Ever Scottish Games Week Announced For October 2022
Much in the same vein as how you have events in Europe such as Paris Games Week and Gamescom, this will be a gaming convention presenting those in the country a chance to attend a local convention for five straight days As opposed to traveling abroad to get a look at games ahead of their[...]
SteelSeries Reveals Apex Pro Mini & Apex Pro Mini Wireless Keyboards
SteelSeries revealed two new gaming keyboards this wee as they introduced the Apex Pro Mini and the Apex Pro Mini Wireless The two designs are improvements to the already awesome parent version, only these have been made smaller, faster, and highly adjustable Both of them are 60% form factor with OmniPoint 2.0 (which has an[...]
Razer Releases Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard
Razer has revealed a brand new model of gaming keyboard as part of their line today with the Ornata V3 Low-Profile Ergonomic Keyboard The particular design to this was was to provide a smaller version that was a bit more comfortable, giving you the same feeling of a regular keyboard with more instant access options[...]
Razer Reveals The Evolution Of The Kishi Mobile Gaming Controllers
Razer revealed new details today about the upgrades they're making to the Kishi mobile gaming controllers as they take on an evolution This new model, which is just simply going to be called the Kisji V2, will come with a number of improvements over the previous model including tactile microswitch controls, dual multifunction buttons, a[...]
Razer Reveals World's First Ecologo-Certified Gaming Mice
Razer announced this past weekend that the company has released the world's first Ecologo-certified gaming mice with two of its own products The news came out on World Environment Day as they revealed that both the Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential had passed UL2710, the Outline of Investigation for Sustainability for Portable Electronics, which[...]
HyperX Partners With Tim The TatMan For New Branded Collection
The two have come together to create a new line of specially branded gaming peripherals, each one a different product from the company's different lines, all branded with Tim's branding and designs In total, they are releasing a keyboard ($140), a mouse ($60), a headset ($110), and a mouse pad ($40), which we have the[...]