Nerd Food: No Chaser Clean Energy Drink

Nerd Food: No Chaser Clean Energy Drink is a Gluten Free Treat

The drink was also designed to get rid of hangovers, or to keep you awake during work, a long gaming session, or when you just need a natural boost While I can't speak on if it gets rid of hangovers -- as I no longer drink heavily enough to warrant one -- I can say[...]

Stern Pinball's new TMNT Machine Will Make You Say 'Cowabunga'!

Stern Pinball's New TMNT Machines Will Make You Say Cowabunga

Stern Pinball has announced their newest TMNT machine today — and this time it features our favorite turtles in a half-shell. Based on the popular Nickelodeon animated series (which is based on the iconic comic book series), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming (back) to the pinball world! This brand new machine from Stern […]

Razer Unveils The Gigantus V2 Gaming Mouse Mat

The idea behind the design was to give gamers the best in what they needed while also serving as a great option for standard home or office use for when you're not gaming You can currently purchase them from Razer's website as well as select retailers, all in different prices depending on the size Here's[...]

Typical Gamer Profile Pic

Typical Gamer Signs A New Exclusive Streaming Deal With YouTube

This week, YouTube announced that they have signed a new exclusive streaming deal with Canadian gaming creator Andre “Typical Gamer” Rebelo He announced the news yesterday in a new video, which you can watch below, as he'll be holding a celebratory livestream today The details of the new deal were not made available, but we're[...]


"Cyberpunk 2077" Female V Suit is Here from PureArts

Cyberpunk 2077 might have been delayed but that isn't holding back the collectibles for it. We have already seen the V Male Suit doing soon from PureArts and you can find that here. This time though we are switching genders and taking a look at the recently announced Female V Suit figure. This Cyberpunk 2077 […]

“World of Warcraft” Comes to Life with Beast Kingdom Statues

"World of Warcraft" Comes to Life with Beast Kingdom Statues

Whether you a Blizzard fan or loyal player of the World of Warcraft, Beast Kingdom's new range is sure to be a hit with gaming collectors the world over, so make sure you grab the first of a new line of gaming collectibles today! [caption id="attachment_1179946" align="aligncenter" width="1100"] Credit: Beast Kingdom[/caption]WORLD OF WARCRAFT DS-043 JAINA D-STAGE 6IN[...]

Gaming While Sick: The Titles I Go Back To Time and Again [Opinion]

Gaming While Sick: The Titles I Go Back To Time and Again [Opinion]

These are games that, even if I’m sick and close to dying, I still somehow feel that burning desire to get something accomplished, even if it’s just one more level or one new skill acquired.That select group of titles is like the comfort food of gaming to me These are truly my gaming mashed potatoes;[...]

Should We Bring Back Video Game Manuals After All?

Should We Bring Back Video Game Manuals After All?

In the interest of "going green," it's easy to see why the decision was made to skimp on seemingly antiquated relics of gaming's yesteryear, as well as putting out more environmentally-friendly packaging.As a result, narratives are changing Packaging has been altered almost entirely It's no secret the exclusion of beefy manuals and pamphlets are key[...]

China Officially Sets Restrictions On Young Gamers

China Officially Sets Restrictions On Young Gamers

It caps out at just $28 to $57 monthly, depending on how old the player looking to purchase the items is.According to Chinese officials, these drastic new measures are meant to quell gaming addiction among Chinese youth."These problems affect the physical and mental health of minors, as well as their normal learning and living," the[...]

Five Disgusting, Awful, Irritating Types of Video Game Sewer Levels

Five Disgusting, Awful, Irritating Types of Video Game Sewer Levels

You've hit the midway point in the game you're currently playing. Your abilities have grown substantially since the beginning and you nabbed the save before heading into the obligatory Basement of Doom. Who knows what waits down there, eh? Off to save the Beautiful Childhood Friend who's been kidnapped by your Nefarious Nemesis? It's dark […]

The Five Best Reasons to Restart A Game

The Five Best Reasons to Restart A Game

Or if we're talking retro gaming, did you rely on one of those bogus “mega memory cards” to hold all of your precious data? Not paying attention? You could have easily saved over your most recent game save with a “dummy” game you started to show it off to your friends In any case, pal,[...]

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

Headphones, gaming mice, keyboards, laptops, specialty items, clothing—anything with their branding on it will be here and available for purchase Even the new Respawn gamer drink is sold here with all of the flavors and moving bottles Much like when you walk into an Apple store, everything is set up for you to try out[...]

Discord To Roll Out A New "Go Live" Feature Next Week

Discord To Roll Out A New "Go Live" Feature Next Week

Go Live delivers a virtual couch gaming experience, making any game more social by inviting friends to watch and chat along with you. Subscribers to Discord’s Nitro subscription service can unlock additional perks: Nitro Classic subscribers will be able to stream video up to 1080p and 60 fps, while Nitro subscribers will unlock streaming quality up[...]

Checking Out New Items From Bionik During E3 2019

Checking Out New Items From Bionik During E3 2019

While we were at E3 this year, we dropped in on the Boinik booth to see what new wears they brought in, and we got to see two new Nintendo Switch items. The first item on the list was the Power Commuter. This is a reinforced tactical bag meant to hold the Switch and several […]

Game Addiction Classified a Behavioral Disease World Health Organization

Game Addiction Classified a Behavioral Disease by World Health Organization

We have the full classification for you here.Gaming disorder is characterized by a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behaviour [sic] (‘digital gaming’ or ‘video-gaming’), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline, manifested by: impaired control over gaming (e.g., onset, frequency, intensity, duration, termination, context); increasing priority given to gaming to the[...]

Xbox One X

Delta Airlines Argues that Gaming is More Important Than Unions

But one of those gives you protection from abuse by your employer while the other is an entertainment luxury item. posters were initially picked up by Variety who report: Delta Air Lines tried to convince employees their money is better spent on a new gaming console than union dues in a poster for its anti-union site that[...]

Apple is Apparently Working on a Streaming Gaming Service

It appears everyone on the planet is now working on a streaming gaming service, including Apple Hell, we're probably working on one and don't even realize it yet The news comes from Bloomberg who are reporting that come Monday, Apple will start to reveal big plans for their future as they seem to be transitioning[...]

Dimension 20: Fantasy High – Lord of the Rings Meets John Hughes On College Humor

However, unlike Mulligan, Wilson is much newer to gaming One of his favorite things is how accessible role-playing games is to everyone Other  characters from the show are the rebellious rocker, the hippie girl, and an emo half-orc.The approximately 2 hour episodes alternate between role-playing and combat which take place on the elaborate set pieces[...]

Images Of The New Google Gaming Console Controller Surface

Twitter has become abuzz this afternoon as images of the gaming controller for the new Google gaming console have emerged Ahead of GDC 2019, a website called Yanko Design showed off the first images of the controller for what's being called Project Stream, displaying a white controller with what appears to be a mix of Xbox[...]

Amazon Reportedly Working on a Game Streaming Service

One of the more interesting news stories to come out this week is that Amazon is reportedly working on a streaming gaming service The details aren't exactly clear how everything would work, but the gist of the story is that the company will use its cloud service as a point of access for people to[...]