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Review: Wyrmwood's Tabletop Hexagonal Gaming System
This morning, Wyrmwood launched their latest tabletop Kickstarter campaign with the Hexagonal Gaming System The company has had a successful run of Kickstarter campaigns over the past few years, making a ton of items for your home gaming needs from dice and vaults all the way to full-sized dining room tables that transform into gaming[...]
HP Reveal Brand New X Series Gaming Monitors
HP revealed this morning they are releasing a new line of monitors specifically for gamers as we now have the X Series Gaming Monitors This is a brand new line that will come in a few different sizes to match whatever your gaming needs may be Available both in flat and curved monitors so your[...]
Several Game Industry Vets Start That’s No Moon Entertainment
"We look forward to working with them and continuing to invest in visionary development teams seeking to bring bold new ideas and innovation to gaming." This week, several video game industry veterans launched a brand new studio which they're calling That's No Moon Entertainment This particular brand is aiming to be a new independent AAA[...]
Another Riddick Film is Coming According to Vin Diesel
But, I imagine that we would take advantage of the gaming space and add an extra chapter But definitely, the [movie's] script is already written So it's safe to say that we are moving towards filming the fourth chapter of Riddick." Did you ever expect that we'd get another Riddick film down the line? Vin Diesel[...]
Summer Game Fest Will Launch On June 10th Ahead Of E3
Geoff Keighley and his talented crew pulled off an amazing show while we're slowly climbing our way out of the pandemic to give gamers a taste of what's to come over the course of the next year in gaming A mix of live chats, pre-recorded intros, musical performances, and a slew of trailers which left[...]
Dark Horse Comics Announces New Games & Digital Division
Dark Horse Comics are throwing their hat into the gaming ring with the announcement of a new Games & Digital Division of the company They have set up two main offices in Oregon and Shanghai with the goal of making brand new games centered around their IPs Considering some of the content they have under[...]
The Twitch Gaming Gathering Will Be Taking Place This Summer
Twitch announced this past week that a new event is on the way this summer as they will be presenting The Twitch Gaming Gathering The event will be pretty much like all the other summer livestreams everyone else is doing, as reps for the platform and special guests will be hosting live events for developers[...]
Walking Around Wanyoo - Esports Comes To London’s Westfield Centre
I was already pumped with adrenaline, having cycled here from Putney, through the changing ebbs and tides of London's architecture twinning one area with another as I pedaled, noting reflections from East to West. It could be that their fruit teas and so-very-comfortable gaming chairs impressed upon me even more than usual, but I reckon[...]
Razer Unveills The New Book 13 SKU With More Memory
This morning, Razer decided to reveal a new gaming laptop as they showed off the new Razer Book 13 with a 512GB SSD The shorthand version of this model, along with its memory, is that it comes with a 13.4" Full-HD touch display, an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, and 16GB DDR4 memory While good for[...]
CORSAIR Unveils Their New CORSAIR ONE a200 & i200 Gaming PCs
This week, CORSAIR revealed two new Gaming PC models for you to check out with the CORSAIR ONE a200 & i200 Both of these PC models were designed to specifically cater to gamers who are constantly playing online and need faster speeds both in the processing and in the display So both of these setups[...]
Amazon Announces Its New Cloud Gaming Service Called Luna
This is basically a godsend from the service as the pandemic has given way to ISP's to charge ridiculous fees for going over their limit, and online gaming definitely racks up the numbers You can read more about the addition below. Now you can stream games on Luna at 720p, courtesy of Amazon. Since Luna launched into[...]
Hosted by Woods, the as-yet-untitled competition series will find the biggest content creators in gaming competing against each other in some of the most popular video games ever It's all about settling scores…with scores. Image: G4 WWE is set to executive produce and will join G4 in taking the project to market[...]