The SML Podcast – Lovely Planet And Molly Maggot Interviews


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By Joe Cammisa

Another double episode this week with two more interviews and fun for all!

Episode 153 of the show welcomes Joe Longoria of and Twitch streamer Shawn "Shizblacka" Paterson to the show as we discuss Joe's game Molly Maggot on the Wii U as well as news bits on Assassin's Creed, Xbox titles, Battle High 2 A+, and much more, plus our Featured Games lineup this week is a monster.

The Mark of Kri from Sony is a PS2 Classic on the PS4 updated with 1080p visuals, trophies, streaming support, and is an all time classic! Plus holy crap Sony sent us a game! Hyper Void hit the Xbox One this week from in|framez Technology and The SML Podcast broke that exclusive news over Twitter (and the game is still as awesome as the Episode 128 days). Unepic from EnjoyUp Games is a fantastic 2D platforming RPG where you explore a castle after somehow winding up there while peeing. Aaru's Awakening from Lumenox is a gorgeous overlooked platformer/puzzler from last year that is getting some overdue love. Electronic Super Joy from Michael Todd Games and LOOT Interactive is a trippy, seizure inducing, brutal platformer that takes (literal?) pleasure in watching you die. Back to Bed from Bedtime Digital Games and LOOT Interactive is a Escher-esque puzzle game about steering a man to his bed from this past August. Finally, Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens DLC from Zen Studios brings two new awesome pinball tables to Zen Pinball 2 and Pinball FX2 based on the new movie!

Music this episode is off the game Hyper Void from composer Kamel Bushnaq and is available now on the Google Play Store!

Check out the mp3 of the show HERE or check out the YouTube version! Make sure to hit up the YouTube version for all of the artist song credits and links to their pages!

Episode 154 welcomes back Shizblacka as well as Vidhvat Madan of QUICKTEQUILA to discuss the Xbox One release of his game Lovely Planet, the story behind the art style, working with tinyBuild to get the game onto the Xbox, and much more.

We also spend a little bit of time covering the recently released Cubot: The Complexity of Simplicity, a fantastic and unique puzzle game from Nicoplv Games out now on the Xbox One for $1.99 that is stupidly difficult in the later stages of the game. We also talk a bit about Chivalry, the online medieval combat game from Torn Banner Studios and Activision and how Shiz is terrible with bows in the game.

Plus music from Calum Bowen from the Lovely Planet soundtrack, available now on Bandcamp!
Check out the mp3 of that show HERE or check out the YouTube Version!
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