Vivendi Will Finally Sell Off All Their Shares of Ubisoft

So good news for Ubisoft in terms of corporate structure, as French company Vivendi will finally be selling off all of their shares of the company. As you may recall over the past couple of years, the company tried on a few occasions to basically use their shares and influence to take over Ubisoft. Many called the intentions hostile and there really didn't seem to be a clear plan as to why the company wanted to do so or where they would have taken Ubisoft had they been successful. Now it appears they're done with the whole prospect and want out. According to, that's going to take a few months as the company won't be able to take care of it until March 2019.


The French conglomerate stated its intention to sell its stake in Ubisoft in March this year. However, according to Vivendi, there is still 6.7 per cent in share capital waiting for deals to complete with two "financial institutions." The remaining shares are worth around €500 million, based on a price of €66 per share. Around 0.9 per cent of the remaining interest in Ubisoft will be sold on October 1, 2018, with the remainder due to be sold on March 5, 2019.

In any case, that's good news for Ubisoft not having to fight with itself. However, that really shouldn't put anyone's mind at ease as there's no telling who may pick up those shares six months from now.

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