So good news for Ubisoft in terms of corporate structure, as French company Vivendi will finally be selling off all of their shares of the company As you may recall over the past couple of years, the company tried on a few occasions to basically use their shares and influence to take over Ubisoft[...]
Nasdaq is reporting today that Ubisoft has finally parted ways with Vivendi, in a partnership that from the outside looking in, seemed a lot more toxic than either side would like to admit For the past two years, Vevendi has been slowly lording over Ubisoft as part of a partnership deal the two companies had, so much so[...]
Things died down a bit after the news came in April that Vivendi was planning to make its big play to acquire the company this year Today, Reuters reports the Guillemot family (who founded Ubisoft, currently headed by Yves Guillemot), has increased their stake in the company in order to fend off a Vivendi takeover. The Guillemot's stake in Ubisoft's[...]
Vivendi's Conquest Of Ubisoft Probably Coming To A Head This Year
This morning, Reuters ran a story that got passed over by many in the business end of media but made a lot of people in the game world sit upright and take notice, as it appears that Ubisoft will end up having new owners before the end of 2017. Vivendi is a French mass media conglomerate who[...]
Ubisoft Call Vivendi Increasing Their Shares In The Company 'Ill-advised'
The Vivendi and Ubisoft story has been going on for a while, and it's unclear exactly where it is going The current state is that Vivendi have slowly been buying shares over Ubisoft to increase control over the publisher, and Ubisoft aren't best pleased about it. While Vivendi have have maintained that they have no plans[...]
Ubisoft Exec Says Publisher Wouldn't Be The Same If Vivendi Took Over
It has seemed for the last few months that Vivendi have been quite aggressively trying to get their mits on Ubisoft The company is allegedly trying to aquire the publisher in a hostile take over, ending its 30 year independence It's hard to say what it means, both if it succeeds and if it doesn't,[...]
Vivendi's Take Over Of Gameloft Could Spell Trouble For Ubisoft In The Near Future
Vivendi have been encroaching on the Guillemot Brothers territory for a while The French conglomerate is believed to have just completed a hostile takeover of Gameloft which was previously run by Michel Guillemot, chief executive of the mobile developer This was after months of the Guillemot family trying to block the take over, and now it is[...]