Warframe Reveals Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set

Digital Extremes revealed a new Warframe exclusive happening with Twitch and Prime Gaming, including a launch date and rewards roadmap. As you can see from the image below, you're getting a new set of purple and white armor (just like Twitch colors) which will be called the Verv Fashion Frame Collection. This particular collection will be going all year long and is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. The Prime Gaming Rewards will return to Warframe on May 26th with more unique Customizations than they have previously put into the system. But from now moving forward, every month players can elevate their Fashion Frame style with brand-new items. You can read more about it below as these will start making their way into the game next week.

A look at the Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set, courtesy of Digital Extremes.
A look at the Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set, courtesy of Digital Extremes.

Prime Gaming Warframe Verv Collection Set

Warframe players can earn exclusive rewards all year-long starting May 26.  Each month players will be able to redeem a brand-new item in the Verv Collection as they attempt to collect them all.  Each new Reward gives players the chance to express themselves in-game with unique Fashion Frame customization options.  Players should visit here to register for Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming Account Linking Bonus Item

To redeem free Prime Gaming Rewards, players need to make sure their Prime Gaming and Warframe accounts are linked. Players who link their accounts will automatically receive a Strezia Sumbha Syandana instantly!  Players can visit this page to link their account. Players should visit here to redeem their rewards.

Complete the Set Bonus Reward

With the Prime Gaming Rewards Card, players who redeem at least eight Prime Gaming Rewards in-game will receive a free Loki Verv Glyph at the end of the promotion.  Players can track their redemptions through the Warframe Account Management interface on the official site located here.


Warframe Reveals Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set
Credit: Digital Extremes
  • Account Linking Reward: Strezia Sumbha Syandana
  • May Rewards: Loki Warframe, Loki Verv Helmet and Loki Verv Skin
  • June Reward: Verv Atelia Syandana
  • July Reward: Redeemer, Redeemer Verv Skin and Weapon Slot
  • July Bonus: Surprise TennoCon Reward
  • Collection Set Reward Card: Loki Verv Glyph

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