We Have Awesome Stupid Fun With KungFu Kickball at PAX East 2019

WhaleFood Games brought to PAX East one of the more stupid fun games we've played this year in the form of KungFu Kickball. When we say stupid fun, I'm talking about a game you don't have to think too much about and you can just kick back and play like nothing matters, and this definitely qualifies. It's a basic 2-v-2 side-scrolling sports game where you control a character that can do a couple different kungfu moves both to hit the ball and to knock you down. If you get hit too much, you fall and blink out of existence for a moment, but eventually, come back a couple seconds later.

We Have Awesome Stupid Fun With KungFu Kickball at PAX East 2019
credit//WhaleFood Games

Like any game of this ilk, the first to three points wins the match. While I was trying it out I got a win and a loss, showing it doesn't really matter the skill level, anyone can pick it up and have fun and get a win. And those kind of games are important to have, especially in a world where a lot of semi-fighting titles in the same genre make you overthink every move. Here, you just playing for fun, and that's all that matters. At the moment, KungFu Kickball only has a 2019 release window on Steam. I would love to see this happen in the summer because this feels like a game you play with friends over beers outside, but that's just me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm moving my system outside with an umbrella to wait for it to come.

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