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Nintendo Announces Two Esports Events For PAX East 2023
Nintendo revealed they will be bringing two esports events to PAX East 2023, as we're getting tournaments for Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Over the past few years, whenever PAX East is in-person, they've brought in some cool tournaments featuring some of the best players in North America vying for top honors and[...]
PAX East 2022 Will Require Vaccinations For Entry
Would you like to win a set of four-day badges to PAX East 2023? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in this giveaway Before we continue, we must stress that you READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED, AS WELL AS THE RULES! The folks over at Penny Arcade have provided us[...]
PAX East 2022 Will Require Vaccinations For Entry
Penny Arcade and ReedPop revealed many of the exhibitors that will be taking part in PAX East 2023 when it happens in late March Several familiar faces will be coming back for the Boston event as you'll be able to see The Pokemon Company, THQ Nordic, Devolver Digital, Yacht Club Games, Inti Creates, Chucklefish, Ysbryd[...]
PAX East 2022 Will Require Vaccinations For Entry
Penny Arcade and ReedPop announced this week that PAX East will once again return to Boston in 2023 as it will happen in late March Returning to the BCEC, the convention is aiming to return to full capacity as they will take over the entire expo hall with the goal of bringing back many of[...]
We Review The Wyrmwood Lilliput Gaming Coffee Table
Before you see the company at PAX East 2022 this weekend, we thought we'd revisit our review of the Lilliput. Photo by Gavin Sheehan So first off, let's look at the initial design of this We received this lovely design in Black Walnut with a nice finish to it, it's not overly produced like you see some[...]
Alanah Pearce Will Be The Keynote Speaker For PAX East 2022
Penny Arcade and ReedPOP have revealed the PAX East 2022 keynote speaker, as Alanah Pearce will be taking the stage this time If you're not familiar with the way PAX events work, every time one of them starts up, they usually have a keynote speaker open up the Storytime ceremony and talk about their careers,[...]
DreadXP To Bring Multiple New Games To PAX East 2022
DreadXP announced this morning their lineup of games coming to PAX East 2022, which includes several new games to show off The indie publisher will be at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from April 21st-24, and they will have a booth showing off multiple titles with hands-on demos of Dread Delusion, My Friendly Neighborhood, The Mortuary[...]
Wired Productions Highlights Eight Games During Wired Direct
Wired Productions announced this morning they'll be bringing multiple games for people to check out during PAX East next month They revealed five of them for the public as we're getting The Last Worker, Arcade Paradice, Martha Is Dead, Lumote, and Tin Hearts, all of which have already been revealed or released in some fashion[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
Would you like to win a set of four-day badges to PAX East 2022? All you need is a Twitter account to take part in this giveaway Before we continue, we must stress that you READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED, AS WELL AS THE RULES! The folks over at Penny Arcade have provided us with[...]
PAX East 2022 Will Require Vaccinations For Entry
Penny Arcade and ReedPop are highlighting some of the returning studios to PAX East as the event comes back to Boston in April After having to postpone the 2021 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is bringing the event back to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from April 21st-24th, and with them[...]
PAX East 2022 Will Require Vaccinations For Entry
Penny Arcade and ReedPOP announced the return of PAX East 2022 to Boston next April, but it will come with a major requirement The event is currently set to return to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) from April 21st-24th, with four single-day badges currently on sale for $75, while individual Friday, Saturday, and Sunday[...]
Penny Arcade Officially Announces PAX Online For September 2020
ReedPop and Penny Arcade announced this morning that PAX East 2021 won't be happening and instead have changed it to PAX Online 2021 The company released the statement below from Kyle Marsden-Kish, who is the PAX Event Director at ReedPop, letting fans know they have scrapped the event in June in Boston and will be[...]
Penny Arcade Says PAX Events Will Return, If Safe To Do So
The three events the company appears to be focusing on will be PAX East moved to June 3rd-6h at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, PAX West 2021 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from September 3rd-6th, and PAX Unplugged at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from December 10th-12th. Credit: Penny Arcade "While we look forward[...]
Netmarble Announces "Marvel Future Revolution" At PAX East 2020
This afternoon during PAX East 2020, Netmarble and Marvel revealed their next mobile title for iOS and Android with Marvel Future Revolution According to the info released today, you're getting a multiplayer open-world RPG with, as you might suspect, a cavalcade of top heroes from the comics And yes, we need to be clear here,[...]
MSI Announces A New Partnership With Battlefy At PAX East 2020
MSI had their own PAX East 2020 news coming out of the convention as the company formed a new partnership with Battlefy According to the press release today, MSI's partnership with Battlefy will launch a new era of the MSI MGA USA League This will give gamers new opportunities to compete at a higher level[...]
Rising Star Games To Publish Two Shooters By Developer QUTE
Rising Star Games announced today at PAX East that they will publish two shooters from Japanese developer QUTE: Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles Both games will be set for both a Steam release as well as the PS4, with the only release info being "later this year" Both games are playable at their PAX East[...]
Annapurna Interactive Reveals New Trailer For "Maquette"
Annapurna Interactive revealed a brand new trailer at PAX East for their upcoming puzzle game Maquette, developed by Graceful Decay The company gave very little information about the game beyond what's in the trailer The best we can glean from it is that the world you explore is based on sketches drawn up between the[...]
NIS America Reveals "Kemono Heroes" At PAX East 2020
NIS America announced a brand new game from PAX East 2020 this morning as they'll be releasing Kemono Heroes today on Nintendo Switch Developed by Mad gear Games, this is a 1-4 player co-op adventure platformer where you'll team up using a team of animals with different abilities The game has four different worlds with[...]
Focus Home Interactive Reveals Their PAX East 2020 Lineup
Focus Home Interactive decided to wait until PAX East 2020 kicked off this morning to reveal what they are doing at the event The four big games they're bringing with them this weekend are Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Othercide, Curse of the Dead Gods, and Insurgency: Sandstorm All of which will be playable for all those who[...]
Netmarble To Host A Marvel Mystery Panel During PAX East 2020
Netmarble has announced that they will be holding a special Marvel Mystery Panel during PAX East 2020 with a new game reveal happening If you're currently not familiar with Netmarble, they're the folks who currently produce Marvel Future Fight for iOS and Android The Marvel Mystery Panel will take place on March 1st at 3:30pm[...]
"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" Gets An Island Getaway At PAX East
One of the many companies who have not bailed on PAX East 2020 is Nintendo, who is bringing a special Animal Crossing: New Horizons exhibit On Nintendo's demo stage at the event, attendees will have a chance to visit a Getaway Island, much like they got a tour of the Galor Region before Pokémon Sword[...]
Square Enix logo
Square Enix announced today that, while they're not pulling out of PAX East 2020, they are scaling back what they're doing The company sent out a notice today letting fans know that while they are not going to be leaving the convention like other companies, they are scaling back their plans Due in part to[...]
Capcom Rumored To Have Two Game Reveals During Jump Festa 2020
The coronavirus has forced another Japan-based company to pull out of attending PAX East 2020, as Capcom is officially out of the event The company issued an official statement on Twitter, simply saying "An update on MH Festa: Boston 2020: Unfortunately, our guests from the MH dev team will no longer be able to attend[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
The mayor of Boston is pulling one most last-ditch effort to get Sony to be at PAX East as he asks the company to reconsider pulling from the event According to WCVB, Mayor Marty Walsh has sent a letter to Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony's President and CEO, asking them to return to the convention next week[...]
Sony Officially Announces The PlayStation 5 For 2020 Holidays
Sony has decided to pull out of two more conventions in 2020, but this time due to concerns over the Coronavirus, as they skip GDC and PAX East The company announced earlier that they would be pulling out of PAX East in a statement on their blog, now it appears they've added San Francisco's event[...]
Square Enix logo
Square Enix has revealed what they'll be bringing to the dance this week at PAX East, and what they have in store is kind of surprising First, what caught us off guard is that there isn't a lot here Which is surprising for SE However, what they are bringing is pretty big As always, Final[...]
Yacht Club Games Will Hold A Pre-PAX West Livestream
Next week, before we dive into all things PAX East, Yacht Club Games will be doing another one of their "Yacht Clubs Games Presents" videos The video will be livestreamed on February 26th at 9amPST on Twitch and YouTube The company will be showing off new information on Shovel Knight Dig, Cyber Shadow, and more[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
Would you like to attend PAX East 2020 this year for all four days? We're giving you the chance to try to win a four-day pass to the event! PAX East is one of the biggest gaming conventions in North America, showing off AAA and indie titles, as well as tabletop, board games, card games,[...]
PAX East 2020 Officially Gets Bumped Up A Month
You know all those complaints people make about PAX East being too cold in Boston in late March? Get ready to hear more of that Every year since they started PAX East, Penny Arcade had had it as the last convention of their season, and usually cap it off just before Spring starts in April[...]