You Won't Be Seeing The PS5 From Sony Within The Next Year

If you were hoping to see whatever the next PlayStation/PS5 anytime soon, think again, as a new report says it will be a while. Takashi Mochizuki is a Wall Street Journal reporter based in Tokyo who usually has the scoop now and then on news out of Japan that we least expect to get. One of his more recent posts says that a new chat with Sony revealed you will not be seeing anything from their next console during the next calendar year, so at least until April 2020.

To be honest, we're fine with that. We can't speak for every gamer on the planet, but no matter how "reasonably priced" the next PlayStation will be, you're still buying a brand new console within seven years of the last one. We're happy to not spend our money this holiday season on three more consoles and whatever extra mini consoles will be on the way.

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