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Zombie Nation & Abarenbo Tengu Are Getting A Double Retro Cartridge

Strictly Limited games and City Connection announced this week they're doing a double cartridge release for Zombie Nation and Abarenbo Tengu. The company will be doing a physical release for Nintendo Switch which will be available as a Limited Edition (2,500 copies), while they are doing a classic NES cartridge version called the Collector's Edition (1,500 copies). Both of which will be going up for pre-order starting on October 10th at 9pm ET, via their website. We have more details about it below along with a trailer to show how they will each look when released.

Zombie Nation & Abarenbo Tengu Are Getting A Double Retro Cartridge
Credit; Strictly Limited Games

Originally released in Japan (1990 as Abarenbo Tengu) and US (1991 as Zombie Nation) for Famicon System / NES, this dual presentation is an all action intense and no holds barred blaster. The plot and setting takes place in 1999, when an alien meteor and evil entity known as "Darc Seed" crashes in the Nevada desert. Darc Seed then turns the people of the United States into wraiths (Abarenbo Tengu) or zombies (Zombie Nation). As either character – Tengu mask or the samurai head "Namakubi" – the player heads to the US to save the American people, fighting hordes of enemies and various bosses.

Four stages encompass the many tasks and objectives that lay ahead and they slightly differ depending on the version of the game. The player can destroy enemies and structures by shooting rapid-fire eyeballs, plus some other very unusual projectiles. Starting every level with a full life bar of eight units, it will soon decrease when hit, resulting in a real do-or-die scenario when the life bar gets to one unit. The player can, however, regenerate some of their energy by defeating enemies and structures and gain extra and more powerful weapons by rescuing hostages, thus staying alive longer to defeat the many hordes of enemies. Moreover, this release includes new quality of life additions, such as the Rewind, Quick Save, and Quick Load functions. Dramatic music, various game modes and a cool cast enhance what is an experience not to be missed!

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