A Possible Grant Ward Theory For Agents Of SHIELD

If you haven't seen the mid-season finale of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD… go away.




Serious spoilers ahead…




So if you are reading this, then either you know that Phil Coulson killed Grant Ward at the end of the episode only to have Ward alive and somewhat well standing in the road in front of Gideon Malick. It's pretty easy to guess that the evil creature from the other planet that killed and possessed Will Daniels ended up getting inside of Ward and taking him for a ride. So no we have something new to worry about in the second half of the season.

TheHiveBut what is that thing? I started thinking about Inhuman related characters the he might be or infected by. What I didn't think of is something a lot of people seem to think is the case… that Ward is now possessed by The Hive. This makes a lot of sense in both how the Hive works and where it first appeared. The Hive showed up in Secret Warriors #2 and that is sort of the playbook that the series is working from right now.

So what is The Hive? It's a collective of genetically engineered parasites that take over a host body and become the embodiment of the HYDRA ideal. In the comics it's an unknown HYDRA agent that is given to the the parasites to make up the Hive and it is physically repulsive to look at. But I think ABC would want to keep the ugly off the screen as much as possible. It possesses a cunning intelligence and is dedicated to the HYDRA cause. Which sounds exactly like the general Malick was hoping for.

If you take out the writhing parasites looking bi-pedal and replace it with Brett Dalton, then this theory actually works well. The other change would be that instead of it being a creature created by HYDRA, it would almost be a creature that created HYDRA.

We will have to see how this theory holds up when Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns in March.

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