Atomic Blonde Hits $1.5 Million On Thursday Night, Emoji Movie Has A Little Traction

Variety reports that The Emoji Movie may have been able to scratch together some cash this past Thursday, but Atomic Blonde broke out into the lead regardless — an impressive feat for an R-rated action movie playing against an all-ages animated film.

On its opening night, David Leitch's Atomic Blonde opened up with a $1.5 million opening night. By contrast, The Emoji Movie made $900,000 on Thursday. I know, we were all hoping the movie with the talking piece of feces voiced by frigging Patrick Stewart would do so much better than that, right?

Sony predicted a $20 million dollar opening weekend for The Emoji Movie, but the critics have been bombing the hell out of this thing. Of course, kids don't often visit Rotten Tomatoes a whole lot, do they? That being said, I'm not sure many kids would be interested in this level of nakedly pandering detritus either. Assigning actual personalities to little symbols on a phone remains one of the most baffling ideas ever to come out of Hollywood, and let us never forget that they made a movie about food mascots and spent $45 million to do it.

I hope Atomic Blonde goes onto win the weekend, or, should that fail, that Dunkirk takes a second week. Atomic Blonde is a solidly fun action movie, and my bleeding-heart sensibilities desperately wants to see another female-led action film to do well this year. I've yet to see Dunkirk, but it looks pretty damn great. The reviews have been good, and Christopher Nolan is a fine director.

As for The Emoji Movie, may it be turned into a totem mounted up in the bowels of American cinema, reminding all that there are indeed some ideas too bad to go through with.

Of course, this movie could not make a penny past the $900,000 mark, and they'd still greenlight the first half-decent Chester Cheetah script that came their way.

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