A Baffling New 'Wonder Woman' Magazine Cover Plus The Final Trailer Debuts Tonight

wonderwomanggThere is a new magazine cover for Wonder Woman out and it's a bizarre image compared to the rest of the marketing. Unlike other images featuring Diana this Wonder Woman has heavy lipstick and other make-up on. Her lips are photoshopped almost comically huge and her pose is almost passive compared to others. This doesn't appear to be the Wonder Woman we've seen in all the footage so far so the decisions behind this cover only make sense in a fashion sense and doesn't appear to ring true to the character appearing on screen in less than a month.

Star Gal Gadot also took to twitter to tell us that she is bringing something 'wonderful' to the MTV awards but it was confirmed via Trailer-Track that we'll be seeing the final trailer tonight.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 2, 2017.

Wonder Woman

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