"Behind You" Trailer: Watch The Trailer For Creepy Horror Film Here

Behind You brings one of my biggest fears to life. Mirrors make me uncomfortable, and to think that something horrific could come out of one and haunt me or worse makes me not want to close my eyes at night. SO I already find this movie terrifying before I hit the play button on the trailer. But once I did, I was surprised that it looks like a quality horror film. Sure, there are going to be a bunch of cliche jump scares. While I know that bothers some people, as long as they are handled well I can tolerate them.

See if you can by watching the trailer for Behind You down below:

Two young sisters, sent to live with their estranged Aunt, find that all the mirrors in her house are covered or hidden. When one of the sisters happens upon a mirror in the basement, she unknowingly releases a malicious demon that had haunted her mother and aunt years ago. This is Behind You.


Behind You, starring Addy Miller, Elizabeth Birkner, Philip Brodie, and Jan Broberg comes out on April 17th. Just don't look into a mirror before or after you watch it. Keep those demons on the other side.

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