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The God Committee Director Austin Stark on Film’s Pandemic Parallels
Germain resonated with him, the casting process, and what he hopes audiences gain from his film. Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment "I heard a story about a wealthy man in the Northeast who was very sick, and he essentially bribed a hospital for a new organ, and I couldn't believe that was possible in the United States,"[...]
The God Committee Star Kelsey Grammer on Film’s Ethical Subject Matter
I spoke to the star about what intrigued him about the film, his thoughts on the current healthcare system, chemistry with his co-stars, and his empathy with Boxer. Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment "I read the script, and originally they offered me the role of a priest as Father Dunbar, Colman Domingo's role I looked at it,[...]
Watch The Trailer For Horror Film Stalker, Out On Streaming June 18th
Stalker is a new horror film coming from Vertical Entertainment in June, and boy, is it unnerving After a bad break-up, a man named Andy moves to Los Angeles, where he befriends a rideshare driver named Roger When he starts acting in ways he doesn't like; Andy ghosts him Roger does not take too kindly[...]
EXCLUSIVE: See A Clip From New Horror Film The Resort, Out April 30th
Credit Vertical Entertainment Below you can find the full trailer for the thriller as well It is a really well-done trailer, to be honest. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Resort | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment ( Vertical Entertainment has been putting out a bunch of entertaining films these last few months, and[...]
Enhanced: Well-Made SciFi B Movie Too Conventional for its Own Good
It takes ideas from other movies, comic books, and TV shows and puts them in a blender to create a calling card for the director and stunt team. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Enhanced | Official Trailer (HD) | Vertical Entertainment ( If you've seen or read any X-Men, the plot seems familiar[...]
SAS: Red Notice Trailer Is Here, Film Out On March 16th
SAS: Red Notice recently made news after being acquired by Vertical Entertainment Starring Sam Heughan, Ruby Rose, and Andy Serkis, the action film sees Heughan have to try and take control of a train back from a group of war criminals led by Rose Good thing he himself is a highly trained combat officer, huh?[...]
Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe Star In Body Brokers Trailer
Vertical Entertainment has released the striking trailer for the film Body Brokers Starring Frank Grillo, Jessica Rothe, Melissa Leo, Jack Kilmer, Michael K Williams, and Alice Englert, the film is an unflinching look at the failures of substance abuse treatment and how insurance fraud is running rampant in the US at treatment facilities You may[...]
Skylines: Lindsey Morgan Talks Rose’s Evolution, The 100, and Walker
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment "I feel like you miss this significant gap in the development of Rose between Beyond Skylines and Skylines," Morgan said "If you watch Skylines 3, she gets a bit of a backstory going into the film, and you see Rose go through a traumatic event where she essentially runs away from[...]
What Lies Below: Haskiri Velazquez Talks Bonding with Ema Horvath
Image provided by Vertical Entertainment "Initially, when I first got the breakdown, I really loved my character, Marley," Velazquez said."I just loved her description She's bright, energetic She has her friend's back That's me outside of acting as a person Also, as an actor, I always wanted to do a mystery or thriller movie[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Hear Two Tracks From The Soundtrack To Thriller Parallel
At least we know the score is going to kick-ass, right? Parallel Still Vertical Entertainment will release Parallel this Friday Make sure to try and check it out; it looks like it will be a solid watch and more than worth your time. Vertical's new film Parallel is being this Friday, and it has a really cool[...]
What Lies Below: Ema Horvath on Growing Up Fast in Horror Film
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment The film follows the mother Michelle, played by Mena Suvari, who picks up her daughter Liberty from camp so she can meet her boyfriend John Smith, played by Trey Tucker, at a remote cabin by the lake The cabin, which Liberty inherited from relatives, is a staging point of John's experiments[...]
What Lies Below: Trey Tucker Talks Film Flexibility, Co-Star Chemistry
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment "I was a fan of [Duemmler's] work off the bat," Tucker said "I had a chance to work with Mena and Ema It was promising I get to be somebody where…there is a wide variety of things to do with John Smith, and it was an attractive idea to have a[...]
What Lies Below: Classic Horror Works With Intense Performances
Image courtesy of Vertical Entertainment It's the classic mix between a remote cabin and "too good to be true" as Liberty finds out there's far more to John than meets the eye, and existing tension with her infatuated mother only gets exacerbated as the investigation continues It's a slow build that writer Braden R Duemmler captures[...]
Watch The Trailer For Mena Suvari Thriller What Lies Below
A trailer for Vertical Entertainment's new thriller What Lies Below was posted online today In the film, starring Mena Suvari, Ema Horvath, and Trey Tucker, a girl returns home from summer camp to find out her mother is engaged to a new man He seems too good to be true and surprise! He is The[...]
Haunting of the Mary Celeste Too Safe Supernatural Thriller [REVIEW]
Image courtesy of Vertical EntertainmentWhen it came to Swallow's inspiration for Rachel's character, the actress evoked some of science fiction's most iconic performances "I feel like there's a lot of women in film who we see in film that is determined to prove something," she said "I think of a film like Contact with Jodie[...]