Bill & Ted Face the Music Featurette on Fathers, Daughters, New Date

Bill & Ted: Face the Music, the long-anticipated sequel 29 years in the making is looming just around the corner. Orion Pictures released a featurette revealing some additional footage of the upcoming Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter-starred film of the lovable duo whose destiny is to write the song that will unite the world. Titled "A Most Triumphant Duo," the featurette introduces how Bill (Winter) and Ted's (Reeves) daughters Billie Logan (Brigette Lundy-Paine) and Thea Preston (Samara Weaving) fit into the film. The first new scene introduced is the setup where the iconic duo starts to play at a wedding. Ted's jamming the theremin while Bill engages in throat-singing (pretty awesomely I might add). Too bad their crowd can't enjoy a good thing when they see one. Also talking behind the scenes are producer Scott Kroopf, director Dean Parisot and co-writer/co-creator Ed Solomon.

Bill & Ted Face the Music Brings Old Friends, New Faces [Trailer]
Samara Weaving, Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, and Brigette Lundy-Paine in Bill & Ted Face the Music. Image courtesy of Orion Pictures
"Pretty much every actor who could play 18 years old auditioned," Kroopf said. As clips of the previous Bill & Ted films played, Winter mentioned how he and Reeves got the parts. "Reeves and I read together earlier," the actor said. "And then kind of got broken apart and brought back together again." "It was all about the chemistry Alex and Keanu were always there talking," Kroopf continued. "I mean they're funny," Reeves said. "They're good characters." "And weirdly, we had the same thing on this with Brigette and Samara," Kroopf added. "I shadowed Keanu for the last year," Lundy-Paine said. "I was there in the kitchen. I was there in the bathroom. I was there at work (as Weaving covered her face briefly in embarrassment)."

"They're very passionate, and they're very passionate about the music," Winter said when referring to Thea and Billie. "They live in a bubble of music, but they know their tunes," Weaving added. "They're described as iconoclasts," Lundy-Paine said. "They feel like our kids in that way," Winter concluded. "When we got them together, it was like déjà vu," Kroopf recalled. Winter promised Bill & Ted Face the Music delivers. Weaving calls the film a "heartwarming story." Lundy-Paine declared, "Audiences are going to lose their minds. The featurette cuts away to Captain Logan (Hal Landon Jr) having problems trying to accept the idea of the duo's reality and destiny to save the world. Bill & Ted Face the Music is now pushed up to August 28 on demand and theaters.

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