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“Star Wars”: Why There’s No Comparing the Byproducts of Generations [OPINON]

"Bill & Ted Face the Music": New Image Features Wyld Stallyns Wedding Performers?

Bogus Journey saw them involved in a conspiracy facing death and repairing their damaged reputation from android lookalikes.Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) and written by creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon for Orion Pictures, the film finds most of the major cast reuniting and brings new faces Returning are William Sadler, Amy Stoch, and[...]

“Star Wars”: Why There’s No Comparing the Byproducts of Generations [OPINON]

"Bill & Ted 3": Most Excellent First Images from "Face the Music"

Orion Pictures shared with Entertainment Weekly their first look at their long-awaited third film in the franchise, Bill & Ted Face the Music.[caption id="attachment_1135181" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Entertainment Weekly via Orion Pictures[/caption]Directed by Dean Parisot and written by creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the third film finds Bill S Preston (Winter) and Ted “Theodore” Logan[...]

‘Bill & Ted 3’ Casts Their “Most Excellent” Daughters

"Bill & Ted Face the Music" Casts Their Most Excellent Daughters

So we'll see how that expresses itself.”Creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon wrote the screenplay for Face the Music with TV veteran Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) directing Joining Kroop in producing duties are Alex Lebovici and Steve Ponce of Hammerstone Studios Stephen Soderbergh, R Scott Reid, John Ryan, Jr., Scott Fischer, and John Santilli serve[...]

'Bill and Ted: Face the Music' Scheduled to Shoot Summer 2019

Sadly, Carlin passed in June 2008, but a rumor has director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) and creators/writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon planning for Bill and Ted to revisit the events of the first film paving way for Rufus and perhaps, a heartfelt dedication to Carlin. is the official movie synopsis of Bill and Ted Face[...]

First Trailer For Red 2

This summer brings Red 2, a sequel scripted by the first film's Jon and Erich Hoeber, but without a Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner comic to build on this time.The director of this sequel is Dean Parisot, who peaked with Galaxy Quest Here's hoping there's at least a twin peak in his career somewhere, maybe[...]

I See London, I See France… I See The Cast Of Red 2, On Location

Galaxy Quest's Dean Parisot is directing. Just for some lazy weekend star-spotting here are shots of Red 2 filming in Paris, with thanks to Entertainment IE, The Daily Mail and Zimbio, and some newer ones from London, courtesy of The Daily Mail.So, in short, many of the old cast are back and Catherine Zeta Jones, Anthony[...]

Bill And Ted Threequel Gets Galaxy Quest Director

As well as the script and original stars Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves, the package being shopped around Hollywood also includes Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot.Parisot is currently gearing up to shoot Red 2 It's a nice little comeback he's having.Vulture say the plan is to make this Bill and Ted threequel into  "mid-priced studio[...]

Anthony Hopkins Wanted For Red 2's Villain – UPDATED

Or, perhaps more properly, Thor 2, Marvel sequel of inevitable riches.According to Deadline, director Dean Parisot and the producers of the second Red picture want to bring in Hopkins to play their villain, one Edward Bailey Hopkins wants to do it but to make it work, the schedule has to be meshed with Marvel's summer[...]

Red 2 Cast List Adds Catherine Zeta Jones And Byung-Hun Lee

We can't wait to bring them back together, give them some new friends, and show they ‘still got it.’ Will they still have it to the tune of $200m? I'd imagine they'll skate past that easily now it's a known brand.Galaxy Quest's Dean Parisot is directing and the first film's screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber have[...]

Here Comes Red 2 – Who's Back And Who Hit The Sacks?

Instead, the trades are reporting, Dean Parisot is negotiating his deal to take charge.Way back in the mists of 1998, Parisot's second feature was Galaxy Quest, a sci-fi comedy that was every bit as appealing as Red, if not more so; and benefited every bit as much from an ensemble that mixed together beautifully Since[...]