Blumhouse "Gives the Plot of Their Movies Away" in Trailers on Purpose

Blumhouse trailers are usually very good. They creep you out, start trends (like the "slowed down pop hit" thats in every trailer now) and curiously usually give away quite a bit from the film. Blumhouse head honcho Jason Blum says in a new interview that is on purpose, and that he wishes they gave away more sometimes:

Blumhouse "Gives the Plot of Their Movies Away" in Trailers on Purpose
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"It comes down to the marketplace," Blum told Insider while promoting "The Hunt" (currently playing in theaters). "It's harder and harder to get people to get to the movie theater and as much as people don't like it the trailers that convert people at home to the movie theater are trailers that show a lot of the movie." 

"People don't like it but almost everyone that says they don't like it go to see the movie," Blum added to Insider. "The trailer really isn't for those people that are so tuned in, it's people who are kind of thinking they may or may not go. One of the ways to get them to go is to show them a lot of the movie in a trailer. And I thought we should have shown more of the movie in 'The Invisible Man' trailer."

Personally I like that Blumhouse does this. They don't give away EVERYTHING, just the important beats to get you to go to the theater. Sitting here, I cannot think of an instance where they blew a big surprise or anything like that, so I am all for putting tons of plot in a trailer to make it more enticing.

What do you think dear reader? Do trailers, especially Blumhouse ones, give away too much? Does it dissuade you from seeing a film in theaters, or does it make you more excited to see it? Let us know in the comments below.


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