Blumhouse Wins Story of a Mom's Vengeance Against Cartel Killers

Blumhouse could be stepping into the "based on a true story" market for more than just movies based on ghost stories. According to Deadline, the studio has won the auction to tell a story based on a New York Times article that ran earlier this month. The article, which ran on December 15th, was getting auctioned for adaptation right away because it sounds like a movie already. It tells the story of a mother in Mexico who goes after the cartel members that killed her daughter. She got the cartel members but was unfortunately shot and killed on Mother's Day. The story was written by Azam Ahmed and was called She Stalked Her Daughter's Killers Across Mexico, One by One.

Blumhouse will help tell, according to Deadline, "the story of 56-year-old Miriam Rodriguez whose whole world came crashing down on her when she lost her daughter, despite paying multiple ransom demands after the 20-year-old was kidnapped in 2014. Getting no help from law enforcement, Rodriguez took things in her own hands. Using disguises and different identities, she went after the alleged kidnappers. It was not exactly the female version of Man on Fire, but she used a gun to hold the culprits until she could get them handcuffed and arrested. Her story is juxtaposed with the plight of another family desperate for a happier outcome after their son is kidnapped."

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It's the sort of movie that could be told with side by side POV's very easy as we follow both of these family. It's quite obvious why studios were eager to get their hands on the story and why Blumhouse worked so hard to get the rights. Ahmed is producing along with Jason Blum, and Caitlin Roper is the executive producer for New York Times scripted projects like this. There aren't any other details at the moment, but this could be an extremely interesting project, and unlike anything we've seen from Blumhouse. It is a horror story but not the type this studio usually focuses on, and it's good to see them branching out even if this horror hits much closer to home than anything the Warren's ever did.

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