Chris Hemsworth Hopes to Deliver a Strong Follow-Up to Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth is one of the best additions to the MCU, and with a fourth film (Thor: Love and Thunder) currently being filmed, the star knows that this is an important moment for the next era of Marvel films.

After the uber-profits of Avengers: Endgame, Thor was seen scrapping his position of power to journey through space with the Guardians of the Galaxy – likely serving as the introduction to the character's next major arc in this fourth outing. This particular film will also be a new achievement for both the MCU and Hemsworth, making Thor the first character to lead four solo films from the Disney-owned property. With this next title, Thor is one of the last remaining Avengers to survive the inevitable franchise changes.

Thor: Love and Thunder Logo. Credit: Marvel/Disney
Thor: Love and Thunder Logo. Credit: Marvel/Disney

With Thor: Ragnarok came a complete change of pace for the franchise, and director Taika Waititi was able to show Thor through a wackier, trash-planet lens. The film was met with overwhelmingly positive reception (one of my personal favorite MCU titles alongside Wandavision), and with that kind of love comes added pressure with a follow-up.

When speaking with GQ Australia, the man synonymous with Thor discussed the approach of a film after Ragnarok, telling the publication,  "There's that same — if not more — pressure now to do that again," Hemsworth explained about Thor: Love and Thunder. "So there's a little bit of exciting nervous energy that is motivating all of us to reach a little further and make sure we're covering all bases and approaching the scene from every angle."

As a longtime Thor fan, Thor: Ragnarok really felt like a project that not only reshaped the on-screen image of Thor we were accustomed to, but it provided Hemsworth with a new way to tackle the role. If Hemsworth and Waititi can come together once again to at least maintain that same high-energy and a combination of comedy/badass action, there's no way we can be let down.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently filming, with a release date slated for May 2022. Are you equally excited for Thor's fourth film?

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