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Thor: Love and Thunder poster courtesy Disney.
We finally got a new trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder on Monday, and boy did it deliver on a bunch of new footage We finally got to see Christian Bale as Gorr, and it looks like he is going to eat this movie for breakfast which is pretty par for the course for him these days[...]
Bleeding Cool's Summer Box Office Preview: Jurassic World Will Rule
Never bet against Pixar or Disney, however. Other notable June films: David Cronenberg shocks us all with body horror film Crimes of the Future (June 3 limited, June 10 wide), Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson form a bond in Cha Cha Real Smooth (June 17), Elvis takes the stage in the latest big-budget rock bio film[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder poster courtesy Disney.
They really just haven't had a flop yet, and considering the caliber of talent on hand for Thor: Love and Thunder, there is a very good chance that this won't become the first The Thor movies are very inconsistent in terms of quality with the second one often ranking toward the bottom of lists of[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder - New Look at Valkyrie and The Mighty Thor
It's time for a new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer, but not today The more things change, the more they stay the same, and in this case, the way they stay the same is that the new trailer will debut during the NBA Eastern Conference Final game This new trailer will probably give us a[...]
New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Features a Worthy Jane Foster
That movie is going to be Thor: Love and Thunder. So far, we've had a teaser trailer and a couple of images, but we don't know that much about the story or the parts that various characters will play One of the people we don't know what kind of role she will play is Jane Foster,[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder Cosbaby Bobble-Heads Revealed by Hot Toys
Lighting strikes Hot Toys as they debut their first set of Thor: Love and Thunder collectibles Releasing as part of their popular Marvel Cosbaby Bobble-head line, five figures are on the way Up first is Ravanger Thor as he wields the power of heavy metal, rocking out on his Stormbreaker We know the Guardians of[...]
Thor: Love and Thunder: How Starlord is Different Plus 2 Images
So considering how we left Thor at the end of Avengers: Endgame, it makes sense that the Guardians of the Galaxy would have some sort of role in Thor: Love and Thunder Now, if I was a betting woman, I would say that this role is probably not very substantial and is likely limited to the first[...]
New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Features a Worthy Jane Foster
"So, she's spending a lot of her time not fighting, and all of her new battles have to do with ruling her people." Thor: Love and Thunder Final Logo ©Marvel Studios 2022 All Rights Reserved. There are a lot of aspects of this film that we don't know very much about, and the villain is a very[...]
Thor Looks For Inner Peace in New Thor: Love and Thunder Image
When it comes to superhero movies, the idea that would make the most sense from a business perspective would be to try and get the lightning to strike twice.  While some Marvel movies have done things like that in the past, that was not what Taika Waititi set out to do with Thor: Love and[...]
Moon Knight
It would seem like the Disney+ series Moon Knight has become such a rare instance, breaking from tradition as originally planned (according to executive producer, creator & head writer Jeremy Slater) by choosing to not go with references to the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder Speaking with The Direct, Slater broke down how Christian Bale's[...]
Thor Looks For Inner Peace in New Thor: Love and Thunder Image
Now that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out, Marvel can start marketing Thor: Love and Thunder a little more earnestly since the release date isn't that far away Just under two months, to be exact, so expect to see more and more information about this movie to come out in the coming weeks, with things[...]
New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Features a Worthy Jane Foster
We already got the first teaser trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, and the thing that made the internet lose its damn mind was the trailer's final shot when we got to see Natalie Portman holding Mjölnir and in the armor of The Mighty Thor We knew that they were going in this direction with the[...]
New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Features a Worthy Jane Foster
Marvel decided not to show us more of Thor: Love and Thunder this week at CinemaCon, but they decided to share a little more on the media site today We have an inkling of what the movie's plot is going to be about from the first teaser trailer, but there is likely a lot more[...]
New Thor: Love and Thunder Poster Features a Worthy Jane Foster
After listening to the internet complain for what felt like roughly half a lifetime, Marvel Studios released the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder this week, and the reaction was pretty much exactly what we all expected Which was mostly a lot of people not understanding Jojo Rabbit, which was about as subtle as a[...]
Lighting Strikes as Funko Reveals Thor: Love and Thunder Pops
At long last, the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has arrived, giving Marvel fans a taste of what is to come The film looks incredible showcasing elements from Thor's time in the Guardians of the Galaxy to the arrival of Mighty Thor Thankfully, Funko is here to capture the film in Pop form[...]