See Christopher Daniels, More ROH Wrestlers Read to Kids for NEA's Read Across America Day

Being a professional wrestler isn't all about beating your opponent senseless with bodyslams, suplexes, and top-rope elbow drops. It's also about doing charitable work to benefit the community. Okay, it's mostly about beating your opponent senseless. But in an example of that other thing, Ring of Honor wrestlers Adam Page, Caprice Coleman, Christopher Daniels, Ian Riccaboni, Shane Taylor, and Silas Young took part in an event for the National Education Association's Read Across America last Friday. The annual program calls for a celebration of reading for kids every year during the week of March 2nd, the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Here's what the event is all about:

In cities and towns across the nation, teachers, teenagers, librarians, politicians, actors, athletes, parents, grandparents, and others develop NEA's Read Across America activities to bring reading excitement to children of all ages. Governors, mayors, and other elected officials recognize the role reading plays in their communities with proclamations and floor statements. Athletes and actors issue reading challenges to young readers. And teachers and principals seem to be more than happy to dye their hair green or be duct-taped to a wall if it boosts their students' reading.

Luckily, you devoted readers of Bleeding Cool are celebrating the joy of reading every day by visiting this fine website. Below, you can see photos of the wrestlers taking part in Read Across America, as well as some video of Christopher Daniels in a Hulk t-shirt reading to a classroom of kids.

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