[CinemaCon 2019] First Impressions of the First 17 Minutes of Toy Story 4

Unlike the other presentations that we have seen in CinemaCon the Pixar section was not a clip or a trailer. Instead, they walked out and told us that we were going to see the first seventeen minutes of the movie. So, instead of describing a sizable chunk of the movie which would be a spoiler we're going to do a brief first impressions review of those seventeen minutes. It should be noted that Pixar is very much aware of the fact a lot of people aren't sure why this movie exists.

[CinemaCon 2019] First Impressions of the First 17 Minutes of Toy Story 4

We get a flashback back to the days of Andy that shows our heroes trying to save one of their own and establishes the main theme of the movie. Then we have a montage of the timeline from the three movies to "You Got a Friend in Me" that honestly got me a little choked up. We see how the toys are dealing with their new owner, Bonnie, and we see the origin of Forky who might be the greatest character ever. I am also trash and having an existential crisis, Forky, I relate to you.

The Pixar sequels can be a little hit or miss, even more so in the latter years, but this one doesn't feel like it has missed a beat. This feels as much like the first movie as in 1995 as it does in 2019. The beauty of animation, like toys, is that these characters are immortal but despite two decades passing this feel as natural of a sequel explore other two movies did.

The origin of Forky does set up some interesting questions about what is a toy and what defines a toy coming to life. This clip doesn't explore that and it's going to be interesting to see if they decide to eplore that in the movie. For now, those of you who were nervous that this movie couldn't possibly live up to the other two? Well, nothing can, the first two are about as perfect as it gets, but this looks on par with the great half of Pixar movies.

Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21st.

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