Coco Tops Thanksgiving Box Office With $71 Million As Justice League Picks Up Another $63 Million

The Thanksgiving weekend box office numbers are in, and as expected, Pixar's Coco took the top spot. The film earned $71 million throughout its four day opening weekend. That was enough to put it ahead of Justice League, which brought in $62.8 million over that same period. Coco earned $49 million over a three day period (Friday to Sunday).

For Justice League, the results are a mixed bag. On the bright side, the second weekend drop was lower, percentage-wise, from other DCEU flicks. However, that's largely because Justice League had the smallest opening weekend out of all the DCEU movies. Over the three-day period (Friday to Sunday), Justice League took in $40.7 million, which is slightly lower than what Man of Steel and Suicide Squad took in during their second weekends. Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman earned $51 million and $58.5 million respectively. Justice League's 10-day take remains the lowest of the DCEU so far.

A recent analysis from an industry expert estimated that Warner Bros could lose more than $50 million from Justice League once all the dust has settled. Coco's budget is also high, estimated to be as much as $225 million, but Coco likely spent less on things like advertising and digital mustache removal.

Wonder took third place with $32.2 million over the four day weekend, and $22.3 million over a three-day period.

Next weekend looks ripe for both films to bring in more cash, without any major blockbusters planned for release. The following weekend sees Guillermo del Toro's sexy monster romance, The Shape of Water, while December 15th will see the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which could top $200 million backed by strong interest and Disney's strong arm tactics to muscle out competition.

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