Coulrophobia Will Explore The Fear Of Clowns W/ Hellraiser Team

Coulrophobia is a new horror film from Hellraiser: Judgement director Gary J Tunnicliffe and newer Pinhead Paul T. Taylor. The film will explore the fear of clowns, a subject that will speak to quite a few people I am sure. The logline?:  "The perfect weekend getaway turns into a surreal nightmare and a fight for survival as a group of friends are pursued by an ancient evil in the form of four sinister clowns." This sounds terrifying, and I can already visualize Coulrophobia in my mind, with less humor and color and more drabness and bleakness. It is already one of the scariest films ever made in my mind. Our friends at Bloody Disgusting had the news.

Coulrophobia Will Explore The Fear Of Clowns W/ Hellraiser Team
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Coulrophobia Will Do For Clowns What Jaws Did For Sharks

"The simple intention is to do for clowns what Jaws did for sharks," says Tunnicliffe. "This won't be a campy, fun, comedy horror film – think about the craziest/weirdest moments of Hellraiser: Judgment [and] times that by a thousand, throw it into a blender with the original Evil Dead, Wrong Turn, Hills Have Eyes [among others], and you've got Coulrophobia." That Hellraiser film is wild in some moments, with some pretty messed up imagery, so that just adds to the dread I am feeling about watching this.

He added this about working with Taylor again for this role: "When it came to casting the lead protagonist, it was an easy choice with Paul. But this character won't be the eloquent, regal character of the Hell Priest – this [will be] a visceral, sadistic killer who delights in his actions and the fear he instills."

Coulrophobia is going to be one to keep an eye on in the indie horror scene. In a year that saw such quality come out in that area, maybe the best is yet to come. Or at least the most terrifying.

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