Disney Announces a New Animated Film, Encanto

Disney has announced a new animated film that we're getting in the fall of 2021. It was a film that we hadn't heard of. The Disney Animation team continues to travel the world, and this time, we're going to Colombia. Disney shared a short announcement video during the presentation to announce the project called Encanto.

We don't have any more details about Encanto just yet, but we can expect that Disney will be sharing more as the year goes on, such as the cast or anything like that though it does sound like it's going to be another musical which is fine by us. It also sounds like Lin-Manuel Miranda isn't doing anything else but writing a ton of music for various Disney projects. At the moment, it's not listed as a Disney+ original, and it is being called another of their animated features, so we can assume that it is going to have some sort of theatrical release.

However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, who really knows what's going to happen when it comes to animated movies and their release dates. We already know that we're getting Raya and the Last Dragon as both a PVOD offering and in theaters, Soul is going straight to Disney+ on Christmas, and we can hope that Encanto gets a chance to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Here is the logo for the new feature, and we'll continue to provide updates from the ongoing Investor Day quite literally as fast as we can type them.

Disney Announces a New Animated Film, Encanto
Credit: Walt Disney Studios

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