Disney, MPA Stop Donations to GOP Who Voted Against Certification

The fallout from last Wednesday's domestic terror attack against the capitol in Washington DC as big businesses finally start hitting politicians where they hurt the most; their campaign donations. It was fairly obvious that the terror attack didn't get through to people as over 100 Republican congressmen and 6 United States senators still continued the farce that the election was not legitimate. Companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Marriot, Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon have all said that they have ceased donations to the officials that voted against certification. It's time to add two more as, according to The Wrap, both Disney and the Motion Picture Association have ceased their donations to congressmen who voted against certification.

A Disney spokesperson said, "The insurrection at our nation's Capitol was a direct assault on one of our country's most revered tenets: the peaceful transition of power. In the immediate aftermath of that appalling siege, Members of Congress had an opportunity to unite–an opportunity that some sadly refused to embrace. In light of these events, we have decided we will not make political contributions in 2021 to lawmakers who voted to reject the certification of the Electoral College votes."

"The Motion Picture Association is shocked and saddened by the horrific events at the U.S. Capitol last week. As such, we have decided to suspend for the foreseeable future all contributions to Members of Congress who voted to challenge the certification of the votes of the Electoral College," Motion Picture Association Executive Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs Patrick Kilcur said. "What's more, many MPA and member company employees, myself included, spent many years of our careers working in the Capitol as congressional staff. Our thoughts and prayers remain with our friends and colleagues who bravely endured last week's assault — and continue to serve our country during these challenging times."

Disney, MPA Stop Donations to GOP Who Voted Against Certification
Seven Dwarfs holding up Administrative Building at the "Jake And The Never Land Pirates" Premiere at the Walt Disney Studios on October 18, 2014, in Burbank, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

Other companies like Google, Facebook, Ford, Microsoft, and others have ceased all political donations for at least some time period, if not longer. What happened last week was a travesty, and seeing those 100+ officials continue to vote no when there was absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud when they were mere minutes away from being set upon by a crowd that seemed keen to take hostages was disgusting. Much in the same way that it took a man like Donald Trump to bring out record voter turnout in the election, it's rather distressing that it took five people dying and an insurrection to get companies like Disney to second guess just who they are supporting.

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