Doug Liman Wasn't Planning on Using Guillermo del Toro's Ideas for Justice League Dark

There are a couple of low-key troubled productions in the DC Extended Universe these days, and one of them is Justice League Dark. The movie once had Guillermo del Toro attached, but it didn't work out despite him being basically a perfect fit for that universe. Doug Liman was also brought on to direct the movie, but it also fell through for him as well. Screen Geek recently interviewed Liman, and they asked if it he would have used any concepts left over from the del Toro version of the movie.

"It was completely different. I may do these sort of big high concept movies, but I always choose projects where I see myself in them. There has to be a really personal connection to it. At the end of the day, I wasn't gonna find myself in Del Toro's version of Justice League Dark. I just wouldn't see myself in that."

Doug Liman Wasn't Planning on Using Guillermo del Toro's Ideas for Justice League Dark

Despite the production not working out, Liman remained diplomatic when asked how he thought Warner Bros. was handling the DC Extended Universe of movies.

"I have a long history at Warner Bros. and I think they're an amazing studio."

Justice League Dark is currently in development at DC and Warner Bros., but there isn't an attached director or writer at the moment.

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