Edgar Wright To Direct Adaption of Robot Story "Set My Heart to Five"

Edgar Wright has lined up his next film. The Baby Driver director will next tackle an adaptation of the upcoming novel Set My Heart to Five. The novel is by Simon Stephenson, who will also pen the script. Working Title Films purchased the rights to the book, and are partnering with Focus Features for the film. Edgar Wright has another film coming with them both, the horror film Last Night in Soho. HaperCollins publishing imprint Hanover Square Press will release the book in the US later this year, and in the UK it will be handled by 4th Estate.

Edgar Wright To Direct Adaption of Robot Story "Set My Heart to Five"
Filmmaker Edgar Wright
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Edgar Wright's Wheelhouse

The novel is "set in an all-too human 2054" and follows Jared, an android that works as a dentist, as he undergoes an emotional awakening that is sparked by an introduction to '80s and '90s movies. He then embarks on a quest to convince humans that he and his kind should be permitted to feel. It's a quest that leads to an unforgettable adventure across the West Coast of America, determined to meet to programmer that created him and write a film script that will change the world.

This sounds completely like something that Edgar Wright can knock out of the park. While some will wish that he was next getting the planned Baby Driver sequel off the ground, this sounds like it could be a sci-fi classic in the right hands. Wright can pair drama with comedy better than most, and just thinking about the soundtrack we might see from this film has me giddy. The novel is Stephenson's debut, and it must be quite the read if they are also letting him adapt it himself. That speaks to the strong source material.

Alright, so who should Edgar Wright cast as the robot? My first guess is Paul Rudd, that way we can see what the pair could have done with Ant-Man. Who do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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