Edgar Wright Thrilled With Baby Driver's Success For Altruistic Reasons

As Baby Driver crossed the $100 million threshold this weekend, the film, made on a budget of just $34 million, is an indisputable success. Naturally, writer and director Edgar Wright has a lot of reasons to be happy about that. Over 100 million of them, in fact. But according to Wright, he has another reason to be pleased with the film's success:

What a guy! Even more remarkable than Baby Driver's success in a franchise-heavy summer, it's also finding an audience in a franchise-heavy summer where a lot of movies are tanking. We recently saw Chinese investors scold Paramount execs over making so many box office bombs, and AMC Theaters take a massive hit to earnings.

Doesn't that make Baby Driver's success all the more impressive? Sure, but Edgar Wright is far too humble a man for that kind of bragging.

Baby Driver remains in theaters, in case you want to contribute to the success of an original movie in a franchise-heavy summer by going to see it, or see it again, yourself.

Edgar Wright Thrilled With Baby Driver's Success For Altruistic Reasons

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